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Back to back

After an extremely busy week that wound up pouring into the first half of the weekend, I decided I deserved to take yesterday afternoon completely OFF (it is Spring Break, after all, as little as that means for graduate students), and just relax on the couch and knit. This move payed off (well, not so much on the health front, as I still feel pretty cruddy today), and I finished the backs of both Demi and Not-So-Aprikot, one right after another. Here they are, arranged as artistically as my stuffed-up, still-confused-by-the-time-change self could manage this morning:

Back to Back

Hooray! Now there’s just the fronts (in Not-So-Aprikot’s case, two of them, which I intend to knit at the same time), and the sleeves (which I again intend to knit at the same time)…actually, that’s still quite a lot of work to go! But, progress is progress, and I’m pretty happy with mine. Just so they can each get the love they deserve, here’s each sweater back on it’s own:

Demi, completed back

There’s Demi.

Not-So-Aprikot, finished back

And there’s Not-So-Aprikot. Don’t they make a lovely pair of Project Spectrum knits? Oh, and in case anyone is wondering about the fate of my other Project Spectrum WIP, the RPM socks, no worries, they’re getting some love, too. I’ve been taking them with me when we run errands and such, and am making a bit of progress. But I’m not planning to take another picture of them until I reach the heel turn or so, just because, well, how many times do you need to see a knitted tube? It’s a very, very lovely tube, but still…it’s a tube. They’ll definitely be getting lots of love in a couple of weeks, when I fly off to a conference in San Diego, since I don’t think I’ll be too keen on taking large sweater pieces with me, but socks should do the trick nicely.

I’m beginning to plot my projects for the next two-month period of Project Spectrum (where the color triad is Green-Yellow-Pink). I have some sock yarn that I was given a long time ago that is two shades of bright pink with a bright green stripe that I think would be pretty perfect, and there’s also the green Sundara Sock yarn that I finally found after it went missing for a few months after the move. As for larger projects, I’d like to knit Forecast in some dark jade green Bartlett yarn (the same yarn I used for Rogue, just a different color), and to knit a modified BPM sweater (as I think I’ve mentioned before, I plan to lose the hood, and to make it a bit longer and more fitted) in the lovely Araucania Nature Wool I picked up on mega-clearance awhile back. Yes, I’ll be focused on greens, but I can’t help it…I’m even leaving out several options on the green front, that’s how big a proportion of my stash is taken up by the color green. I love green! In any case, I’ve got a few weeks to decide how I want to approach the next set of colors, so we’ll just see what I wind up doing. (Oh, and since I just looked at the date right now to see exactly how long I have left in March, I’ll just note: my birthday is in exactly a month! I hadn’t realized quite how close it was getting).

1 thought on “Back to back”

  1. Hello, I came across your blog while searching for ggh java colors. You’ve made some really great sweaters. I’m working on Demi, too. Would you mind revealing the color number you have in the ggh java? I’m having a difficult time deciphering the color cards online and wanted to compare the color you described to the color cards that i’ve seen.
    Thanks for your time.

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