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Mom’s Rogue is DONE!

Oh my goodness, seaming weaving in the ends on this sweater took forever. I got the first sleeve set in and seamed yesterday, but that was it…I had to spend a lot of time fighting with the programming language we program our eyetracking experiments in yesterday at the office, and was too tired by the time I got home to bother with the second one, or with weaving in any ends. I literally spent all day today doing that (with breaks, of course, but still!). But I’m so, so thrilled with the result. It looks very polished and nice, and the color is going to look fantastic on my mom.

I actually tried it on when I was finished (I just had to), and it seems appropriately roomy on me, so I think it will fit my mother beautifully. It feels really lovely, too…I almost want to steal it! (But I promise I won’t. That would be evil.) I think if I knit myself a second Rogue, I will make it in the size I made for my mom, in a slightly less rustic wool than the Bartlett, because I really liked the way the drapier, slightly roomy version felt. I love the Bartlett yarn that I used to make my Rogue, but I think I might use something like Cascade 220 if I knit myself another, to get a little bit of that drapey effect. I didn’t take any pictures of it on me (because that just felt wrong), so here is a picture of it on our table:

All done!

And getting to that point took a lot of work. Here’s the pile ‘o ends that resulted from trimming the leftover bits after I wove them in (I swear, there must have been 100 ends…that’s what you get when you use a non-spliceable yarn that comes in balls with very little yardage):

The pile 'o ends

Here are the stats, for anyone who’s interested:

Pattern: Rogue
Yarn: Laines du Nord, Dolly Maxi. 14 balls in a very dark green.
Needles: Size 5 (for hem-facing) and 7 (for everything else), Denise Circulars
Time to knit: November 18th, 2006 through February 25th, 2007 (3 months, not bad given how much else I had going on while this was being knit).

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