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a bit slowed down

In the time since my last post, I’ve come down with what is apparently a “mono-like” virus. So basically, I have been too exhausted to do much of anything. Which means rather little progress has been made on the knitting front (or any other front, for that matter), and when I have made progress, I haven’t had the energy to do an update. But I got my husband’s help with the camera last night, so I have a few things to show y’all now.

First of all, I finished the first of his socks (I actually did this on last Thursday, but was too tired to bother with the camera at the time). I was flying by the seat of my pants on the measurements, since I’ve only ever knit for my own foot before, and have never knit a sock at this gauge, but they came out perfect. I couldn’t have done a better job deciding where to start the toe decreases if I tried (well, I mean, it’s not like I didn’t try to make these perfect. I did. But you know what I mean). Here’s a flat shot of the first Andrew-sock:

Andrew's sock #1

Yes, that’s notebook paper underneath it. We needed something white-ish because the colors come out very weird otherwise, and it was the only thing close at hand. The yarn is Paton’s Classic Merino in the “Forest” colorway, and I’m really loving how it worked up on size 3 dpns. Andrew seems to like them, too. Here’s a picture of the sock on his foot:

It fits!

The flash made the colors all weird. And look at what long, skinny, pointy feet my boy has! Completely the opposite from my short, wide, stubby feet. Here’s another shot, a side view:

It fits!  (side view)

The fit is great, and he says it’s warm. So now I just need to knit the second one (which shouldn’t take long, except for the whole being way too tired to do anything thing), and he can have a pair of warm feet. He teased that I’d finish them just in time for it to warm up, so I want to prove him wrong!

I’ve also made progress on Demi. Actually, almost all of the progress you see was done last night, while I kept Andrew company in the kitchen while he made our delicious yellow split pea potato soup (it is seriously my favorite soup ever, and I’d be happy to send along our recipe to anyone who’s interested). I had him take a picture after we ate:

Demi grows

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ve now completed two sets of bobbles, and I’m still loving it. I am just utterly enamored with this sweater. There’s only one small problem that resulted from doing all that knitting while exhausted…can you see it? How about a close-up?


See that outside line of twisted stitches? Yep. I zigged when I should have zagged, or something along those lines. It shouldn’t be too hard to fix, since it’s only a few stitches, and just a couple of rows down…I just didn’t have the energy to even try last night. But here, I’ll do it right now…

…there. All better. Yeah, I know, there’s no picture. You’ll just have to trust me, because that tiny bit of sweater-repair has worn me out and I don’t feel like going to get the camera to document my little fix-up. Here’s hoping this bug goes away soon, and I have my energy back, because I’d like to post more often than weekly! But of course, if there’s no progress to post, there’s no progress to post…and it’s a bit hard to make progress when I’m spending all of my non-school time sleeping. We’ll just have to see.

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