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a new love

Aw, my title is appropriate for Valentines Day, isn’t that sweet? I don’t actually really get into Valentines Day, and neither does my husband…we’re all about Cheap Chocolate Day tomorrow, though! (I swear, I’m not a total curmudgeon about celebrating things, it’s just that I find birthdays, anniversaries, and Solstices/Equinoxes far more exciting than traditional holidays). I’m spending this Valentines Day at home, because we’re getting dumped on with snow here in Upstate NY. I just have some reading to do for my classes, but other than that, I can just sort of relax today, which I don’t mind at all.

Now back to the title of my post. I do, indeed, have a new love. And I have had a falling out with an old one. And, in fact, have abandoned the latter for the former. And of course, I’m talking about sweaters, and not people…my darling and I are quite happy with one another, even if he’s not going to get his socks in time for Valentines Day! You might’ve noticed that I seemed a little, erm, less than enthusiastic about Retro Prep the last time I posted. I just…didn’t like it. I didn’t like the resultant fabric, when I knit the called-for yarn at the called-for gauge, at least not at the scale of an entire sweater (I wasn’t bothered by it on my swatch, but I should’ve known better). It didn’t feel sturdy. It was impossible to keep my stitches even. I couldn’t knit as firmly as I wanted to, because the yarn was so fragile that it would break. Retro Prep, and the Rowanspun DK (which, had I read that review before trying to use it, I could’ve guessed I wouldn’t like), just wasn’t doing it for me. And I was secretly pining for another sweater. Every time I picked up Retro Prep, all I could think about was…Demi. Here she is:

Demi, lying flat

Not the greatest picture, but isn’t it gorgeous?! I am in love with this sweater. After a few false starts (has anyone else knit this in the small size? Did you find the chart to be very confusing about the edges, what with the cables continuing on past the edge because of the larger sizes in the chart?), I’ve now made it past the first set of bobbles. I adore them. I adore everything about this sweater. The twisted stitches, the cables, the bobbles, the way everything stands out so nicely in the undyed yarn (which is white-ish, so I’m counting it for purposes of Project Spectrum!)…I love it. Here’s another picture, where I was trying to be clever and holding the sweater up so that I could take a (somewhat) vertical picture, which wound up just looking a little bit weird:

Demi begins

The yarn, by the way, is Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool, which I’ve had sitting around ever since the Joanns near my old university had a closeout sale where they were selling these massive (seriously, 465 yards!) skeins for something like $2.50 each. I’ve never knit with it until now, but I really like it. I’m finding that I’m a sucker for basic wools like that. Look at my favorite yarns: Patons Classic Merino, Cascade 220, Bartlett Yarn 2-ply, and now this. I just really like a good sturdy yarn. No frills. In fact, I think I may try Retro Prep again, one of these days, in Patons Merino, since that’s a yarn that I especially like knit to a slightly firmer-than-called-for gauge. Maybe I’ll knit it in green. We’ll just have to see. This is all that remains of Retro Prep, for now:

Remains of Retro Prep

Just a sad little lump, which I intend to unravel and re-ball today. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the yarn. I think I might like it better held double (it seems like the resulting fabric would be more to my liking that way, at least), but I only have 5 skeins (enough to make Retro Prep in the smaller sizes…I picked it up for cheap when it was being cleared out after being discontinued last year), so the most I could do would be a vest or something, and I’m just not too excited about the idea of a solid-colored vest. Do any of you dear readers want it? (I know, I spent most of this post talking about how much I didn’t like it. “I hate this yarn. Here, try it!” seems a little weird, but it’s a matter of personal preference, I’m sure!). Perhaps some sort of swap could be arranged, if any of you have some unloved yarn, or, you know, chocolate or something lying around. Leave me a comment if you think you have a little more love in your heart for Rowanspun DK than I do, and we’ll work something out. First come, first served. Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

3 thoughts on “a new love”

  1. I’m so glad I found this – i’ve been trying to remember who wrote about “Cheap Chocolate Day” – I used it several times now and you always get a big laugh!

    I like the LB wool, too. Not the Rowan. I gave away a couple of skeins not too long ago.

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