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I just love getting mail…

Guess what I got in the mail? I got my copy of the Spring Interweave, but on top of that, I got my gorgeous Socks that Rock yarn in the 24 Karat colorway that I picked out for my prize from the Red Scarf Project drawing!

First, the Interweave. I’d heard that they changed the layout, and was kind of upset about that, since having the patterns with the photos throughout the magazine was one of the big things I liked about the old Interweave. However, now that I see the new layout, I’m not quite as upset as I was. Yes, the photo section in the middle looked a bit like an ad, but at least (unlike, say, Vogue Knitting) the pictures that are in the back with the patterns are big enough that you can remember what the thing you’re knitting is supposed to look like. And I still prefer the way the IK patterns are edited over other knitting magazines. I’m not all that thrilled with the patterns this time around, I’ve got to say…I absolutely love the Entrelac knee-socks (and I will knit them, someday, but 5 skeins of Koigu is a bit out of my budget right now, so I will either have to wait or find a yarn to substitute!), and I find the shaping on the Keyhole Top to be fascinating, though I’m not sure I’d wear the finished product…and the other sock patterns are nice, as always. But the rest of ’em, I’m pretty “meh” about. I actually found myself being more inspired by the ads than by the actual patterns, most of the time!

Now on to that Socks that Rock yarn…it’s gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. The color is just so rich, even better than what I saw on my computer screen when I picked it out. Want to see? Here’s a picture:

Socks that Rock mediumweight, in 24 Karat

See? Isn’t it lovely? Very much outside the colors I normally choose, but I can’t wait to turn it into Golden Dragon Socks. If I didn’t already have two socks on the needles right now, I’d cast on right away. Yep, that’s right, I said two socks. I know y’all know about the RPM socks, since I just posted a picture yesterday, but remember that variegated Patons Merino I said I picked up to make socks for my beloved? Well, I did some measuring and cast on for them yesterday. And sort of…couldn’t stop. See?

Andrew's sock

I’m already done with the gussets! My husband was watching me knit these, and kept telling me how fast I was, and that I was “a knitting machine”. Am I fast? I don’t really know, and I’ve never timed myself…but from what I’ve read, back before we all had computers and whatnot, knitters could finish a pair of stockings in a much finer yarn than this in a day…and the picture you see up there represents about 4 hours of knitting, so I highly doubt I could finish a pair in a day, even with this heavier weight yarn. But oh, Patons Merino knit up on size 3’s, how I love thee! So firm, but still flexible, and very soft and comfy. The colorway (which is called “Forest”) is striping up very nicely, too: no ugly pooling, even where the stitch count increased for the gusset. How is that possible? Anyway, I’m very happy with them, and may well have a finished pair to give to him by Valentines day (which we don’t really celebrate…we celebrate “Cheap Chocolate Day” on the 15th, instead!). I’m not sure that I’ll be able to get a pair out of one ball, though, because my darling has some very long feet. We’ll just have to see.

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