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so much goodness!

I have had a very happy past couple of days. Why, you ask? Well, for one, I finished the knitting on my mom’s sweater, as was noted in my last post, and that was pretty awesome. A couple days before that, I found out that I was a winner in the Red Scarf Project drawing, which was really surprising and exciting! The Project was a great experience to begin with, and then to win a prize, too? Very cool. I won this pattern and a skein of Socks that Rock in a color of my choice (I chose this color, which is way outside the colors I normally choose, but I am quite enamored with it, and with the idea of having lovely golden dragon-socks to knit while it’s still dreary and cold). And I’ve been having fantastic research meetings and whatnot, too, and have finally gotten going on exercising more regularly (you might’ve noticed that I’ve not made a Runagogo update; that would be because I’ve been a bit under the weather and thus not really running, and also, after trying to keep up with the posts and the group blog and such, I’ve decided that for me running has to be more of a personal thing, I just can’t get into the group thing).

But best of all, yesterday we found out that my husband has officially been offered a job in my department! I know, I know, this has nothing to do with knitting, but I’m so excited and proud of him that I have to blather about it here. It’s the perfect job for him (he’ll be assisting our lab manager, and becoming an expert with the programming language we use to create experiments so that the non-programmers in our lab can have help), and it means that our 6+ months of hell (seriously, trying to have both of us live on one grad stipend after incurring quite a bit of medical bills less than a week after moving here has been very, very rough, emotionally as well as financially) are coming to a close! So that is my exciting announcement for today. I’ve been literally bouncing with happiness since I found out yesterday. And I do mean literally. Bounce bounce bounce!

I also started a new sweater yesterday morning. I didn’t waste much time after finishing my mom’s, eh? It’s a very simple sweater, but I like having some good simple knitting to do while I relax in the evenings; at least, that’s what I’m in the mood for right now. Ask me again when I’ve been going round and round doing plain stockinette in a single color for awhile! But the color is perfect for the current Project Spectrum…a nice light heather grey with flecks of white. I’m knitting this sweater:

Retro Prep Pullover

(the Retro Prep Pullover, from Interweave Knits Fall 2002). Just a basic bottom-up seamless raglan, one I could probably figure out a pattern for on my own, but I like the way the shaping looks on this one and I figure I’ll just let someone else do the math for me this time. Here’s how mine looks so far:

Retro Prep begins

(Yeah, it’s a little blurry. I took it without flash, using my knees as my “tripod”, which didn’t work as well as using the table as my “tripod”, but a sweater is too big to take a picture of that way). I’ve finished the ribbing and a few rows of the body. It’s just nice mindless knitting.

And now, back to bouncing with happiness for me!

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