Yes, I really do wear them all

(What? New blog posts two days in a row? This hasn’t happened in a long time!)

Awhile ago, Lolly asked about how we wear the things we knit. Sure, we show off pictures of the finished projects, draped nicely over a table or something, but it’s always fun to see pictures of those finished projects actually being used by their intended recipient. So yesterday, when I realized that I was wearing four of my handknit items at once (this is not at all unusual, really), I decided to ask my husband to snap a photo. Here, for you all, is how I bundled up to go to school in Upstate NY yesterday:

Wearing four handknits at once!

If you go to the flickr page, you’ll see notes labeling each item. But I’ll summarize here: I’m wearing my “Whitney Hat”, which I knit way back in 2002 (it was originally being knit for a “friend” who turned out not to be a very good friend at all, so I stole it for myself!); my brioche-stitch alpaca scarf, which it knit back in 2005; Rogue, which I finished last year and usually wind up wearing several days a week as my top layer because it’s so warm and I love it so much; and my Estonian mittens, also finished last year. I wear everything but Rogue every single day once it gets cold. I love that I’m able to make things that suit me, color- and style-wise, and that are very practical, comfortable, and warm.

Yesterday I also made 20 rows of progress on my mom’s Rogue sleeves. That’s 20 rows for each sleeve, I mean. (Note to self: this means you just finished row 79). They don’t really look all that different…just imagine the pictures from before, with almost 4 inches tacked onto each sleeve. I hope this evening to be able to reach the point where I start shaping the sleeve-cap, but we’ll see. It depends on how much of my readings and such I can get done while I’m at the office today.  I’m trying this semester to get almost all of my work done in the office instead of bringing it home, so that home can be a place where I just relax with my husband.  It means longer hours at the office, but I don’t really mind, because I think having the little bit of separation is nice for me; I don’t have to feel guilty when I do fun stuff at home, because if I’m at home, I know I’ve got all my work done already.

4 thoughts on “Yes, I really do wear them all”

  1. I do that too–wear or carry a whole bunch of handknit items at the same time. I worry sometimes that I look like some kind of knitting bag lady, but at least I’m warm.

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