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socks make everything better

Or at least, that’s the idea. I was planning to hold off until Project Spectrum begins (on Feb. 1st) to start my next pair of socks, but decided last night that I needed a little sock-therapy. Yesterday was a bit of a cruddy day; I wound up having to drop my Mathematical Foundations of AI class because I simply couldn’t keep up, which had me feeling very down about myself. One downside, I suppose, to being “advanced” in math as a youngster is the fact that though I’d taken all of the prereqs (multivariable calc, linear algebra, etc) in some form or another, I took them all before I turned 19 (and then had little reason to actively use them until now). I’m now almost 24, so we’re talking serious rustiness, here. It’s one thing to understand the concepts (which I still essentially do) and follow someone else’s proof, and another to actually be able to actively perform the operations in the course of writing a proof of your own. I realized that staying in the class was unrealistic when I spent most of my day on a single “easy” homework problem, and had to consult every calc book in our apartment to figure out how to do one of the “simple” proofs that was supposed to take “only a few minutes”. So I guess the plan now is for me to spend my time until next year getting my mechanical skills and confidence back (it’s the confidence that’s the killer. Most of the time I was doing the right thing, but it had been so long since I’d done it that I didn’t trust that I knew what I was doing). There were several other things that made yesterday less than wonderful, but that’s the main thing.

Anyway, I decided to jump the gun on Project Spectrum by a couple of days, and started my RPM socks, using these two lovely skeins of Koigu from chrysanthemum:

2 balls of Koigu for socks

They’re a beautiful deep blue, with bits of green and gold. I’ve never knit with Koigu before, and was quite pleased with how it felt while I was knitting it up. I goofed up the initial ribbing section several times (my brain is used to doing 2×2 rib at the tops of socks, so the added p3 thrown in was pretty tricksy!), but eventually made it through that and on to knitting (just a bit) of the RPM pattern:

RPM begins

It looks quite a bit brighter in that picture because of the flash. The blue is really much deeper. Here’s another shot I took in which the color is more true (I did my trick of using the table as a tripod so that I didn’t need the flash, and held a sheet of paper behind the sock so that it would have a nice clean background):

RPM begins (closer to true color)

Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the colors. So anyway, there’s my head-start on Project Spectrum, my deep-blue RPMs. (and no worries, mom, I’ll keep plugging away at your sleeves even though they don’t fit in the Project Spectrum color triad right now…I just needed a little treat yesterday!)

5 thoughts on “socks make everything better”

  1. That’s lovely yarn – your socks will look great in it!

    And I know what you mean about the brain doing 2×2 rib – that’s how I goofed on my hat the first time..

  2. That’s a GORGEOUS colorway. And I hear you about the math! I got my BS in math 7 years ago and I have to resort to a calculator for simple subtraction these days! It’s definitely a use it or lose it sort of thing.

  3. LOVE the colors – what a great combination. It is always interesting seeing how colors change between using natural light and a flash.

    Are you familiar Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, by Mary Boas? It is one of the best, I think, books that has many advanced math topics in one place. I used it as an undergrad [Physics], but it is a great text.

    Good Luck with Project Spectrum!

  4. You’re off to great start with those socks. They’re looking good!

    I keep seeing Koigu yarn being knitted up wherever I click! It’s been calling to me for a while, but I’ve vowed to use more of my stash before giving in to temptation. :)

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