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And now we have sleeves…

…or at least, parts of them. My mom asked me the other day whether she had sleeves yet, so I figured I ought to post a picture of my progress on them so she can see where they stand. I’ve knit 59 rows so far (recording this number here, given my notoreity for forgetting where I am in this sweater), and am not quite to elbow-height yet. Here’s a picture:

Mom's Rogue: Sleeves

As you can see, I’m knitting them both at the same time, just like I did for my own Rogue. I figure this should help me stave off “second X syndrome”, for X = “sleeve” (sorry about the math-dorkiness, it can’t be helped). It’s not a huge problem for me…I don’t have piles of unfinished second socks, mittens, or gloves laying around, but I do tend to take my time on item number two of a pair (except in the case of the Candy Corn Socks, that is!), and I want my mom to have her sweaters as soon as possible. It also makes it easier when I make slight alterations to the pattern (which I will be doing a bit of, since while my mom does not quite have my “gorilla arms”, the sleeves as written would be a touch short on her), because that way I can make sure both sleeves are identical. Here’s a closeup of one of the sleeves:

Sleeve, closeup

I knit in the hem as I went just like I did for my own Rogue (this only works because I do not do the twisted-stich hem as directed, but simply knit it normally on needles two sizes smaller). This involves a little bit of math, since the stich count changes between cast-on and the point where the hem is knit-in, but I really like the way it turns out, and it gives me less finishing work to do when I’m done, which is always a plus.

I probably won’t be working on the sleeves today, as I’ve got 65 tiny-fonted pages of reading on the visual system (which I neither care particularly about, nor know much about, but for some reason language students are required to take vision classes, while vision students never have to learn a lick about language in my department) to do by tonight, so that I can write up my answers to the thought questions by 5pm tomorrow (who has homework due on a Sunday??). Which really means I need to write them up by 3pm or so tomorrow, since 5pm will be during our little departmental knitting/crafting group. I still hope to have these sleeves done very soon, so that I can start on some Project Spectrum projects for me! (And speaking of which, nobody’s helping me decide what to knit next! Seriously, I’d love to hear what project(s) you really like (or not, as the case may be) of the ones I posted last time as possible contenders for the “Next Project” title.)

1 thought on “And now we have sleeves…”

  1. Rogue must be a great knit, it seems like everyone who makes it ends up making two. :) As for a next knit, I made the Fiery Bolero, and it was a fun and easy little knit. Neato construction that was fun to follow. But the other sweaters look fun too.

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