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Mom’s Rogue: Now, with hood!

After finishing my Ganomy hat, I made a little promise to myself, to finish the hood of my mother’s Rogue sweater before starting any other projects. I made good on my promise, but goodness gracious, I’d forgotten about how that hood goes on for-freaking-ever! When I knit my own, I’d done over 1/3 of it, and then set it aside for several months when I got really busy with all of the work on my MA last year, so it didn’t seem like quite so much when I picked it back up again. I’d hoped to get a good picture to show my mom, but the lighting in this place just doesn’t allow for it, so this is the best I could do:

Mom's Rogue, now with Hood!

It looks kind of washed out, and the color is way off, but without the flash, it was one giant blur. C’est la vie. So now, there’s just the sleeves. Of course, the sleeves are a fair amount of knitting themselves, and given that classes have started (I had my first one today, Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence), I’ll be a bit busier and it might take awhile longer yet. I still hope to have it done within a month or so.

(Side note: the remainder of this post is being typed using only my left hand because Ren has decided that my right arm is a great place to nap. Please forgive any missed typos) As much as I love being able to knit a sweater for someone I love, I’m really eager to have it done and off the needles so that I can move on to other things, because it’s getting to where I feel really guilty if I knit anything else, but that’s no good! The only problem is that I have so many options forWhat To Knit Next. I’m trying to some extent to use the Project Spectrum color triad for the next two months to guide my choices, but even then, I have too many options! (Hardly shocking, given that two favorite colors of mine, blue and grey, are in the grouping, as is the neutral white!)

(Side note: Ah, thank goodness, the cat has moved!) I know for sure that I’ll be knitting socks using the mainly-blue Koigu yarn, but I don’t want that to be my only project. Here are some of the other projects I’m considering: Retro Prep, in grey Rowanspun DK; Aprikot Jacke, in a pale blue-green shade of GGH Java (but I need to get it under good light one of these days and decide whether it’s more blue or green!); Fledermaus Pullover, in blue and white Plymouth Encore (I started this one a long time ago and ripped it out, having done the increases very poorly); Lace Blousson, in a silver-grey hemp; Fiery Bolero, in a non-firey, but absolutely gorgeous cobalt blue; or Demi, in undyed Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool. See my problem…if you look in that “Things I have the Yarn to Make” photoset, almost all of them are going to be blue, grey, or white (my own fault, of course, for never buying anything other than blue, grey, white, or green yarn!) Help! Does anyone want to put in a vote for a particular project?

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