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green, green, green

Well, what with the green socks, mom’s Rogue, and another project you’ll see later in this post, it’s turning into all green, all the time here on my little blog. I finished the Lemongrass socks yesterday afternoon, and had my husband take some pictures of them for me this evening:

Lemongrass Socks, done!

Here they are on my different-sized footsies:

Lemongrass Socks, done!

For some reason, the little bit of pooling around the gussets turned out the opposite way on the second sock: the first had a pool of green on top, the second a pool of yellow. But I love how the colors turned out, and, as is to be expected with Socks that Rock, they’re very comfortable. I’ve been wearing them all day.

As for mom’s Rogue, I still have no pictures to share. Just imagine the picture of Rogue I posted last time, with an inch or two of hood. I’ll be sure to get an updated picture one of these days!

And for that last green project, a little backstory. I forgot to blog a knitting-related Christmas present, you see. Well, it was actually a Solstice present. That I bought for myself. Also known as “a book I put in my shopping cart to get free shipping when I ordered my husband’s present”. And so I present, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitters’s Almanac (the cover of which is, of course, green):

Knitter's Almanac

When I finished my socks, I felt like doing a bit more knitting, and wanted to start another small project so that I could carry it around with me easily (Rogue is getting more and more unwieldy as it grows closer to completion). I’d seen a few “Ganomy” hats around the knitblog world, and decided to make one for myself, out of some no-name chunky merino-microfiber blend I picked up at A. C. Moore for $2/ball. A little knitting yesterday evening, and a bit more this morning, and I have a cute new hat:

Ganomy Hat

It’s such a clever pattern (built-in earflaps! Cute pointed top!), and I adore it! Here’s a picture of me being silly, and looking rather like an elf, in my new green hat:

Me, looking a bit elfin

That picture’s a little blurry, so here’s another one:

Me, in my Ganomy hat

I even got my husband to put it on, and he looked so adorably elfin in it that I just had to take a picture (and look! A rare instance of the Andrew-smile in a photo!):

Andrew, looking adorable!

I think I’ll be knitting a lot more of these. Like, out of every random leftover skein of aran or chunky yarn I’ve got. I’m really excited to read through the rest of the Almanac in more detail, and try out some more projects. I’ve heard such good things about Elizabeth Zimmermann, and now I finally get to see what everyone’s been going on about!

6 thoughts on “green, green, green”

  1. A great green post! The Lemongrass socks are beautiful….do you have to buy different size shoes for each foot?
    I love the Ganomy….and the models are great too! I have Knitter’s Almanac and have always wanted to do it around the year, but……

  2. I love that hat! I just finished the one I was having problems with, and while it’s clearly imperfect, I’m happy with how it turned out. I’ll have to get some photos posted today.

    I just started a sock….doom! Probably I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I wanted to do something that would (theoretically, ha) take less time to finish. My next official project will be a baby blanket for my niece, I think.

  3. You look so cute in that hat! I recently read the almanac (twice) while I had it checked out from the library (er, maybe three times in a row), and I couldn’t really imagine what that hat would look like on somebody’s head. Now that I know, I’ll have to add it to my list.

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