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fun with colors!

As those of you who’ve been reading awhile might’ve noticed, I’ve apparently got a bit of a blog-crush on Lolly, and last year, I happily followed her into a number of very rewarding knitalongs, and of course, participated in Socktoberfest. And now it’s time for Project Spectrum, round 2, and of course I’m joining in the fun this time around:

Project Spectrum Button

I didn’t do Project Spectrum last year; I was only just getting into reading lots of knitting blogs, and actually originally found Lolly’s blog due to the numerous times I saw her blog linked in reference to some “Project Spectrum” thing I had no clue about. But now that I’ve got a blog of my own, I’m ready to have some fun with the colorwheel this year. So, come February, expect to see a lot of blue, white and grey. I’m already brimming with ideas as to what projects would be appropriate.

Of course, I’m focusing for now on knitting projects, though I won’t preclude trying out a few other crafts while I’m at it. My first idea is to use the gorgeous Koigu I talked about a few posts back…while it has a fair amount of green, gold, and other colors in it, it’s primarily blue, and I’m dying to knit with it (I’m planning to knit RPM), so that’s definitely going in the queue. There’s also the Baltic Mittens from Folk Mittens (the ones on the cover), which I have the yarn to knit in the original colors (thanks to receiving leftover balls of yarn from a few people), which have a good amount of blue and white (which is why I fell in love with them in the first place!). From there, we’ll just see, but those are two projects you should definitely expect to see.

As for one of my current projects (the Lemongrass Socks), well, at first I was thinking “pooey, these would’ve been perfect for April/May!”, but lo and behold, what do I hear about next but an informal Green Socks-along, from none other than Lolly. Well, my Lemongrass Socks are mostly green, so what the heck, I’ll join in the fun:

Button for Green Socks Knitalong

I made a fair amount of progress on these last night, finishing the leg, knitting the heel-flap, turning the heel, and starting on the gusset decreases. Here’s where they stood a little before I stopped last night:

Lemongrass Sock progress

Don’t they look striking against the black? My husband (who I enlisted to help me take a picture, since I’m not the world’s best photographer) was struggling to get a good picture against the table where I’d put them, because our lighting is awful and we have to use the flash, which resulted in a big glowing spot where the flash reflected off the table. So he put my laptop case underneath, et voila! A perfect backdrop.

As for Rogue #2, no worries, mom, I’m working on that, too! One of these days I’ll take another picture, but the progress doesn’t look like much of anything yet so I figured I’d wait a bit. (P.S. I hope you’re having a lovely time down in Jamaica, where you surely have no need for a sweater!)

1 thought on “fun with colors!”

  1. I just joined Project Spectrum too – I was on the sidelines last year like you.
    I like your Green Sock KAL socks – really pretty yarn!

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