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Red Scarf, completed

I’ve been in a bit of a low place the past few days. Just the sort of seasonal depression I’ve battled with for quite a long time. So it’s been a bit tough to get myself working on the various projects I’ve got going on, and I’ve not been particularly up to blog-reading, writing, or commenting. It’ll get better, and I figure I’ll just keep making myself do things until it feels good to do them again, but in the meantime, I’m a bit less than my usual chipper self.  My apologies.

One thing I have managed to finish is the red scarf I’ve been knitting for the Red Scarf Project. I didn’t actually finish it in the car on our drive back, as I’d intended…we wound up having to drive through the Torrential Downpour That Goes On Without End (seriously, it started raining, hard, in Indiana, and was still raining when we reached Rochester) for almost 600 miles, and even though I wasn’t the driver, it was still stressful enough that I didn’t really want to knit. But last night I sat down and finished off the second ball of yarn, and decided that it made a scarf of just the right length, so I bound it off and wove in the ends.

I’ve had a terrible time trying to take a picture of this scarf…our apartment has awful lighting, and the flash turns the color into this awful hot-pink color, when it is really a vibrant cardinal red. But I can’t take pictures without the flash, because I have the shakiest hands ever, and they end up just being a blur. My solution was to fold the scarf up and set it on the table well in front of the camera, essentially using the table as a tripod (note to self: if you ever have money again, maybe a tripod would be a good investment). This limited the pictures I could take, but got a much truer color:

Red Scarf, finished

Here it is, folded up on the table. You can’t really see the stitch pattern, but you can see how fluffy the yarn is. It’s a merino ribbon yarn, very lightweight, airy, and warm. Here’s another picture:

Red Scarf, finished

It’s a really soft scarf, and very lightweight. It has an almost crepe-y texture to it. I love it, and I hope the person who receives it loves it too. I almost wish I had a couple balls of this yarn in a non-red color (reds look awful on my pale strawberry-blond self) to make one for me, but then again, I’m quite happy with my grey bulky-alpaca version that I knit myself a year ago, so I don’t really need a new scarf. I’m a big fan of brioche stitch for scarves.

For anyone who’s interested, here are the stats:
Pattern: Brioche Stitch over 15 stitches (if I did it again, I might make it 13 to get more length and less width)
Yarn: Schoeller Esslinger Sasha in “Valentine”
Needles: Size 10.5 Clover Bamboo straights

So now I’ve just got to pack my scarf off and send it away. I feel kind of guilty, because I’m seeing the packages that other people are preparing, and I worry because I have no money to put in any little extras. I’m going to hunt around for some nice looking paper so that I can make a nice card, but that’s about all I can do.

One last note: I have 6 more balls of this yarn. 2 balls make a scarf (it’s a little on the short side of the 60″ guideline, but not too much). I don’t have the energy to make any more scarves right now, but if you think you could whip one out before the January 31st deadline (they really don’t take very long), let me know and I will send you some of the yarn. Otherwise I’ll just hang on to it and try to knit some more scarves for next year’s project.

3 thoughts on “Red Scarf, completed”

  1. It’s beautiful, and I bet it feels lovely against the skin. Don’t worry one bit about putting in extras. The OFA gets lots of donations from other companies to put extras in the packages. You’ve done your part, and it will be very much appreciated. A nice card will be beautiful.

  2. The scarf is bright and beautiful Whitney!
    Hope you feel better soon – that seasonal depression is tough – spring and sunlight are coming…

  3. That scarf looks beautiful — I love that merino ribbon. And I feel the same way about the packages – I was going to just stick a post it note on them! I’ve been collecting scarves at my LYS and there are no notes or anything with them. I may recruit some coworkers to make cards.

    I have had some wonderful success with a treatment for SAD, if you are interested in details, shoot me an email.

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