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Happy New Year!

Ok, so I’m a few days late with that one. But I’ve been taking a bit of a blog-break (both here and elsewhere) while I’m on vacation, mostly because I feel a bit rude taking time out of what little I have for visiting family to sit and write blog posts. But, speaking of family, remember that sweater I was knitting for my mom?

Mom's Rogue (body finished)

That’s right, I finished the body. And in time for her to try it on, even! It’s a little bit snugger than I’d intended (due mostly to the fact that, unnoticed by me until now, my gauge has tightened up a bit since I swatched awhile ago), but I’m 99% that it will grow enough when I block it that it will be fine. It’s ok as is, but it’s definitely form-fitting (which looks good on my lovely mother, but I’m not sure if it’s what she wants). Just for good measure, here’s a shot of the beautiful side cable:

Rogue, Side Cable closeup

I’m quite happy with the amount of progress I’ve made so far. I hope to get the rest of it done before classes start, but that’s probably a bit unlikely. We’ll see. I’ll do my best.

In the car during the various stages of our trip (we visted my husband’s family first, on the way to visit mine, which is far enough away from where we live that it takes two days to drive it comfortably), I also made some progress on my Red Scarf Project scarf. Some, as in, a lot:

Red Scarf Project Progress

Remember how it wasn’t even as long as the knitting needle, in my last post about it? Yeah, well, as you can see, 12 hours in a car gives you a lot of knitting time. I hope to have it finished after we drive home, at which time it’ll be sent off to be wrapped around some very deserving college student’s neck.

Like everyone else, I’ve made a few New Year’s Resolutions. Most of them involve taking better care of myself, as I don’t do the best job of that generally. A big goal of mine is to get back into running competitively again. For those of you who don’t know me in real life, the “again” might be a bit confusing. So, some background: until the last three years or so, I was a very good runner. I was especially good when I started trying the longer distances after graduating from high school. For a period of over a year, starting at age 19, I won my age group in every race I entered from 5k through marathon. Here’s a picture of me crossing the finish line at my first marathon, the ’02 Columbus marathon, at which I won my age group handily, qualifying for Boston with 20 minutes to spare:


And here’s me showing off my medal (and a nasty sunburn!) after running that Boston:

Me, very sunburnt, after Boston '03

I “ran” Boston a second time the next year, with my dad who had also qualified (how many people can say that?!). I say “ran”, because I was very, very sick that day, and after a sub-2 hour first half, wound up taking longer than the entire Columbus marathon had taken me to finish the rest of the race. It was hellish. I ran one more race after that one, 2.5 years ago.

Since then (and even slightly before), I’ve been struggling with a constant series of respiratory infections, mostly due to living in a horribly moldy apartment in my old city. It’s very hard to train regularly when you’re interrupted on a near-monthly basis by respiratory infections like the ones I was having, and as such, I’ve not run “regularly” in 2 years. Having now moved to a place where I seemed to have my health back, at least for the most part, I really want to get back in the game. I want to run another marathon, I want to race again, and to replace that memory of the awful, awful second Boston marathon with a race run well, with a healthy mind and body. So when I saw Rachael’s post about her idea for a “runalong”, I was pretty excited. So, I’ve joined Runagogo:

100 miles

As I mentioned in my introductory post on the blog, I’m setting my goal a bit higher than 100 miles by April 1st. Back when I was running marathons, I ran over 75 miles a week consistently, so even being what I consider to be “out of shape” for me, 100 miles seems like a bit low for a goal. So my plan is to start running as soon as I get back from vacation (so, in 3 days or so), and to try to run 100 miles in 4 consecutive weeks before April 1st (and to keep building up my mileage after that, of course!). I think this will be manageable, and maybe even a little too easy…if so, I’ll make it more challenging for myself. While I intend for this blog to stay a knitting blog, I will probably post updates about my progress on the running front from time to time, but I’ll try to do most of my Runagogo-related posting on the group blog.

So anyway, I’ve had a nice holiday, and I hope you all have, too. I’ll be back to posting a bit more regularly once we get home.

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