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I have warm hands!

That’s right, Mr. Estonian Mitten has a partner! Who looks (almost) exactly like him! I sat down today and finished up the second mitten so that I could have them to wear when we go on our big holiday trip (visiting my in-laws first, and then my family…lots of driving, which means lots of easy knitting like socks and scarves!). So, here they are, in all their blue and green glory:

Mr. Estonian Mitten has a partner!

And, for good measure, here’s their backsides:

Flip Side!

They’re quite comfy. A teensy bit on the snug side, perhaps, but they feel so lovely on my hands. Here are the stats:

Pattern: my own with motifs borrowed from Folk Knitting in Estonia.
Yarn: Artyarns Ultramerino
Needles: Brittany Birch size 3 dpns

I really enjoyed knitting with the Ultramerino. What a treat! It’s too pricey for me to buy for myself, but it’s absolutely fabulous to knit with. It’s one of those yarns with a whole bunch of plies (I’m too lazy to count or look it up!), giving it a nice round shape that knits up into a nice firm, squishy, windproof gauge on size 3s. I also really enjoyed the process of putting together the different motifs and making up a pattern as I went, inventing my own (less-than-perfect) technique when I decided I wanted to carry the border pattern over the top of the mitten to make it squared-off rather than pointy. I’m very, very happy with them.

Me and my new mittens

So warm! And the colors are so me. (and goodness, I’m so pale!) Now on to all those other projects I’ve got sitting around waiting to be finished!

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