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Almost a year in the making

I figured out how to set in sleeves (it wasn’t as hard as I thought, but it was very time consuming, and not nearly so fun as knitting!), and finished the first sleeve yesterday, and the second one today. So now, here’s some photographic evidence that this lovely sweater is now a Finished Object!

Completed Rogue!

Here’s the ordinary front-view. As you can see, even with almost 2 inches added to each sleeve, my gorilla arms are still a bit too long for them. They’re not too too short, but I’d prefer them at least a centimeter longer. I’m still really happy with them, though, don’t get me wrong! I love my sweater! So much, that I’m going to give y’all a bunch more pictures of me hamming it up for the camera wearing it:

Completed Rogue, side view

 (Side view, where I was trying to make sure the lovely cabled hood was visible)

Completed Rogue, side cable view

 (Here, I was trying to show off the side cable, but look more like I was trying to grab my bum. Oh well.)

Completed Rogue, hood up

 (I have on a really cheesy smile in this one, but at least you can see what the hood looks like when it’s up!)

Completed Rogue, back view

 (And finally, a back view!)

You can’t tell in the pictures, because the lighting in our apartment is terrible and the flash washes everything out, but the cables really pop now that the sweater’s had a bath. They look incredible! And also (I’m really proud of this), my hood graft is practically invisible. I love grafting!

Here are the final stats:

Pattern: Rogue
Yarn: Bartlett Yarns 2-ply in Lovat, less than 6 skeins
Needles: Denise Interchangeables, sizes 5, 6, and 7
Time to knit: Almost a year! I don’t actually remember when I cast on last year, but I’m pretty sure it was in November or December.

I love this sweater. I’m excited to get to knit it again for my mom. The pattern was fantastic, very well written and clear, and I learned a lot from it. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the leftover yarn!

4 thoughts on “Almost a year in the making”

  1. Oh Whitney – your Rogue is absolutely beautiful!
    It looks like your Mom’s is going to be pretty too – She sure it lucky to have you knit this for her (my Mom has only gotten socks and mittens) I bought the pattern for Rogue when Jenna first made it and I bought Eris last year, but I have not made either of them yet. Grafting that hood seems a bit scary to me! Yours looks perfect. So far the only one of her patterns I’ve made is Shedir
    ( Thanks for the nice compliment on it!)

  2. Your Rogue is gorgeous! I, too, am trying to finish mine up after a year of work. It’s in Bartlett 2-ply and I’ve run out of yarn without even doing the sleeves! Aghhh.

    Did you find that Bartlett bloomed much?

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