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I’ve been away from the blog for awhile again; there were still homeworks and readings backed up from midterms to catch up on, and I’ve been busy since Tuesday doing a mix of celebrating the Democratic successes in this election (hooray for hope! hooray for real oversight!) and mourning the addition of several more states to the list of those which encode bigotry into their Constitutions. But there has been progress outside of the academic and political progress of the last week. That’s right, I’ve been knitting!

I cast on a few days ago for Mr. Estonian Mitten’s partner, and have already made it past the thumb gusset. I’ve been “reading” the first mitten, using it as the pattern for the second mitten. Here’s where it stands, as of election-day (I’ve not worked on it since):

Mr. Estonian Mitten's Partner begins

It really isn’t taking very long, so hopefully I’ll have a new pair of mittens shortly. I kind of failed on my knitting-related goals for last month; the mittens aren’t done, Rogue isn’t done, but I did finish the Candy Corn socks (at the very last minute!). But hopefully I’ll have these mittens done shortly, and Rogue, too (I just have the sleeve caps left, really).

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend taking pictures of the various patterns in the knitting books and magazines that I have and posting them in a flickr set (yeah, I know it’s huge). My husband thinks it’s kind of silly, but I wanted a nice way to keep all of the patterns I’m inspired by in one place, and I figured that if I wanted to have some kind of index, it made sense to use pictures, since I remember patterns by what they look like. I’ve made sure to put which book or magazine the pattern is in on each photo. Hopefully it’ll make a good system.

(Oh, and I was bad and broke my own stashbust already. Yep, I bought yarn. Namely, some gorgeous kelly green Arucania Nature Wool that Webs had on sale for quite cheap. Less than $30 for a sweater’s worth – it helps that I’m pretty small. I know exactly what I want to knit with it, though, so it wasn’t an impulse purchase or anything…I’ve been waiting quite awhile but didn’t want it to get all bought up before I picked up a few skeins. We’ll call it a present for surviving midterms. Or a political victory celebration…I’ve not gotten to have one of those since before I reached voting age!)

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