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I did it!

That’s right, I finished my Candy Corn socks just in time for the end of Socktoberfest, and course, Halloween! After working on school-related things all evening, I spent a little over two hours just knitting, knitting, knitting (my left index finger, which does a lot of the work given the way I knit, was actually numb by the end!), and finally had them ready to kitchener at a little after 11pm. They were finished during the Daily Show, which is currently being taped at my former university, Ohio State! I’m so jealous of those kids who get to be there for it…why does all the cool stuff have to happen the year after I leave? The show totally cracked me up. I guess I’m enough of a buckeye to get all the inside jokes. But anyway, enough about the Daily Show…y’all want to see some pictures?

I badgered my husband into taking a few pictures for me just after I finished. Here’s me showing them off:

Candy Corn Socks, complete!

Check out those different-sized feet! I will never have a pair of matching socks, as I have to knit an extra inch for my larger foot, so the toe patterns will never match. But I am quite proud of how well I managed to match the stripes on the rest of the sock! Here’s another picture from last night:

Candy Corn Socks, complete!

(Those weird stripes you see running up my legs are the imprints from a pair of knee-high socks I’d been wearing all day).

This morning I decided to try them out with my black maryjanes, since I was planning to wear them this way to school today for a little bit of Halloween spirit. I’m not hugely into Halloween, but I thought it would be fun to have orange and black feet. I took these pictures myself, so forgive the weird angles:

Candy Corn Socks in shoes

(goodness, our floor is ugly in this office)

Modeling the Candy Corn Socks

(I think I was trying to do something artistic with my feet, but it turns out they just look silly. Oh well.)

Modeling the Candy Corn Socks

(I finally realized that I could put my feet up on the toybox on top of which I usually take all my knitting pictures, since it provides a nice clean background.)


Modeling the Candy Corn Socks

(one last shot, because, well, I’m proud of them!)

Here are the project stats, for anyone who’s interested:
Pattern: Yarn Harlot’s Basic Recipe from “Knitting Rules!”
Yarn: Yarntini, in Mimosa
Needles: size 1 Clover dpns (two sets, since I am a horrible abuser of needles!)
Time to knit: a little over one month. But really, the first sock took a little under two weeks, and the second only took 3.5 days…I just had a big break between the two due to my needle conundrum. A 3.5 day sock…that’s totally a record for me!

These were really a fun pair of socks to knit. The Yarntini knits up into a nice fabric on size 1’s, and I love the way it stripes. I’ve had a lot of fun participating in Socktoberfest this year, reading all of the fantastic tutorials, and seeing everyone’s lovely sock pictures on their blogs and in the flickr pool, and I’m really happy that I was actually able to finish my pair before the end of the month. Woohoo!

7 thoughts on “I did it!”

  1. Those socks are adorable, and your poses are much fun. I especially like all of the maryjane shots. By the way, what brand are those MaryJanes? They are way too cute and I want some!

    Very scrumptious … have a Happy Halloween!


  2. Wow! Those are beautufully made, and the pics are great. The Daily Show makes me laugh to the point of dropping stitches – obviously, you do much better!

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