While we’re talking about mittens…


Pile of Latvian Mittens

Isn’t that an amazing picture? I can’t remember where I came across these links, but apparently the Latvians are knitting 4,500 traditional mittens for the participants of the NATO summit there this year. Amazing! This page has even more info about the project, and this one has explanations of some of the symbolism in the mitten patterns. One of these days, I’d really like to get ahold of the book Latvian Mittens, so that I could learn how to make mittens like these (and also so that I could play around with the Latvian/English parallel text).

And here I thought my one little mitten yesterday was exciting. That’s nothing compared to 4,500 of them!

6 thoughts on “While we’re talking about mittens…

  1. That is an amazing shot. I still have issues with two-stranded knitting, but this sure makes me want to practice…
    BTW – your “one little mitten” IS exciting. Well done!

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