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Photographic evidence of my knitting progress

In my last post, I promised I’d take photos of my various projects, and I’ve made good on that promise. First off, we have the Candy Corn Socks, which are almost ready for me to begin toe decreases:

Candy Corn sock, nearing toe-decreases

I’m knitting the sock for my smaller foot first, in part because I want to be able to show the girls at the departmental Stitch ‘n Bitch how toe decreases work tomorrow, and said toe decreases come a bit sooner on the smaller sock.

Next up, we have the sleeve for Rogue, on which I’ve reached row 75:

Rogue sleeves, at row 75

I’m well into the straight stockinette portion of the sleeve, which means that while I don’t have to pay as much attention while I’m knitting, I’m also less inclined to keep going, because there’s no longer the excitement of seeing how the cable will look when I do “just one more row”. But in any case, I hope to get these finished by the end of the month (I’m giving myself plenty of time, since I’ve got other projects as well as classes to be keeping up with).

And finally, we have a project that has been long neglected. I started knitting a scarf for my dear friend Wyl quite a long time ago, when he was first sent off to Iraq. The yarn is from Peace Fleece, and is in the color Baghdad Blue, the proceeds from the sales of which go towards peace efforts in the Middle East, which is the reason I chose that particular yarn. I figured I could knit him a nice warm scarf and make my own little protest against the war he was being sent off to be a part of at the same time. Anyway, I spent forever trying out different stitch patterns to find one that looked nice on both the front and backside (since “front” and “back” are rather ill-defined, when it comes to scarves), and also didn’t look “girly”. I settled on this basketweave pattern from a Barb Walker Treasury (I think it was from the first one, I borrowed it from the OSU library):

Wyl's scarf-to-be

As you can see, I never made it very far. But I’d really like to have this done in time for it to be useful to him when he moves from San Diego back to the chilly midwest. We’ll see how that turns out.

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