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Socktoberfest (officially) begins; and I join several other knitalongs

I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought some of Lolly’s knitalong frenzy had worn off on me, right? Well, here’s a little post to gather together the various knitalong-type-things I’m planning to participate in this fall:


Socktoberfest officially began today, and my Candy Corn sock is nearly ready to begin toe shaping. I decided to take a break from it at the BCS Stitch ‘n Bitch today, since I wasn’t exactly sure where I needed to start the decreases, and didn’t figure it would be particularly appropriate to whip off the socks and shoes to try it on as I went in the middle of the coffee shop. Instead, I worked on the sleeves for Rogue, reaching row 75 (which I’m recording here, since I have a history of forgetting where I left off on that sweater). Which brings me to

Fall Cable Knitalong

which I joined just today. I’m finishing up one Rogue with plans to start the next (for my mother) shortly thereafter, and both sweaters contain a decent amount of cables. I’m also excited to see other people’s cabled goodies; I’m a big fan of the textured knits. But I’m also a sucker for colorwork, like the Estonian-inspired mittens I’ve been “working on” for quite awhile now (I knit the first mitten, except for finishing the thumb, in a few days, but it’s sat in that same thumbless, partnerless state for a couple of months!). I figure this


Warm Hands knitalong will give me a good reason to try to finish them. So there we have it, I’ve become a joiner…but hopefully this will mean lots of lovely FOs this fall!

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