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I did it!

That's right, I finished my Candy Corn socks just in time for the end of Socktoberfest, and course, Halloween! After working on school-related things all evening, I spent a little over two hours just knitting, knitting, knitting (my left index finger, which does a lot of the work given the way I knit, was actually… Continue reading I did it!

knitting, socktoberfest

so close!

(Just a quick post, as I've got to take off for my 9am class in a little bit!) I worked on my second Candy Corn sock quite a bit yesterday, alternating that with working on my NSF fellowship application essays (which are turning out pretty well, if I must say). By the end of the… Continue reading so close!

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Socktoberfest (officially) begins; and I join several other knitalongs

I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought some of Lolly's knitalong frenzy had worn off on me, right? Well, here's a little post to gather together the various knitalong-type-things I'm planning to participate in this fall: Socktoberfest officially began today, and my Candy Corn sock is nearly ready to begin toe shaping. I… Continue reading Socktoberfest (officially) begins; and I join several other knitalongs