Socktoberfest starts a little early

This Monday, it was a little chilly, so I decided to wear one of my pairs of handknit wool socks to school. So I grabbed my “stripy socks” (the ones which appear, in a very zoomed-in form, in my header), laced up my shoes, and noticed:

My socks match my shoes! The bright greens were the exact same color, the blues very close, and in the lighting at home and at school, the darker green looked to be the same color as the grey on the laces. My officemates got a good laugh out of that.

I’ve been reading Lolly’s blog for quite awhile now (since the start of Project Spectrum, which I didn’t actually participate in), and lately some of her enthusiasm for knitalongs seems to have rubbed off on me. When I saw her post about Socktoberfest, I knew I had to join in. I’ve been craving having a pair of socks on the needles since…well, basically since I finished the last ones!

So last night, as a treat to myself after working so diligently on my programming assignment (implementing a toy morphological analyzer, for anyone who’s interested) for my Computer Science class, I dug up the boxes with my sock yarn skeins1, my swift, and my ballwinder, and wound up some skeins, deciding upon a skein of Yarntini in “Mimosa”, a lovely combo of orange, yellow, and peach. It made me think of Halloween, and so I decided that I would make it my goal to finish them by October 31st so I could have a lovely pair of Halloween socks (but I still think nothing will ever replace the cheapy pair of socks I got from Old Navy probably 8 years ago or so, just plain white socks with the word “boo!” spelled out in orange beads on the ankle. I wore them all the time during college, even when it was nowhere near Halloween, and joked that my socks were really “boo-ing” the Ohio weather). So I sat down with all of the necessary equipment:

beginnings of a sock

(the basic Harlot sock recipe, a set of 2.25mm dpns, and my lovely ball of Yarntini), and started my sock. I guess my fingers must really have been craving some knitting, because once I started, I just couldn’t stop, and soon enough (well, a couple hours later), I had this:

a little while later...

I’m quite liking how this yarn is knitting up. It’s not plied quite as tightly as say, Socks that Rock, and while I think I prefer the tighter-plied yarns for socks, this is knitting up to be quite squishy and nice, too. I think I’m going to like these new Halloween socks.

Speaking of Halloween (and of joining things), I also joined the Boo-ty Swap. I enjoy swaps, as long as they’re fairly low-key ones (while I enjoyed my Secret Pal 5 experience, the big ones like that are a little intimidating, because of how extravagant some people get, and I feel guilty because I don’t have the money to do nearly as much). Getting stuff in the mail is fun, putting together packages is fun, and meeting new people is fun. Lots of fun to go around! Also, I learned that the organizer of Boo-ty Swap is local to me, so we’ve been emailing back and forth about being outsiders of sorts in this city. See, I’ve already met someone new!

1. Alas, there was one pair of skeins that I could not find. It seems that my beautiful skeins of Sundara Sock Yarn in Emerabled Queen are a casualty of the move. I’m quite upset about this, as I’ve been want to knit up that yarn since I received it several months ago. I can only hope the poor lost skeins can find their way home to me (or rather, that I can find whatever random box I decided it would be a good idea to stick them in at the last minute during the move).

1 thought on “Socktoberfest starts a little early”

  1. there you are! i had been going to your old page which was stuck on some random 2005 post. i just noticed your knit blog link and hazah! love the socks and the halloween yarn.

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