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All stockinette from here on out

Last night I finished the chart for the sleeves on Rogue, so from here on out, it’s all stockinette. I’m not sure whether this will slow down or speed up my progress; cables tend to make me want to keep knitting “just one more row”, so that I can see what it will look like, but they also slow me down a little compared to straight stockinette. But anyway, I am quite enamoured with the way the cable pattern looks at the ends of the sleeves:

more sleeves!

You can click the picture to go through to my flickr page and see a couple of close-ups of the cable pattern.

So much progress (for me) in so little time!  I’m not sure how quickly I’ll be making progress now that classes have started. My course schedule this semester (Stats, Cognition, Natural Language Understanding, and a Prosody seminar) is a little fuller than I get the impression it ought to be, so we’ll see how it all works out.  In any case, I’m enjoying my new Ph.D student life, and at least one of my office-mates is also a knitter!  I brought my Estonian-inspired mittens into my office today, to leave in my desk for times when I want to take a little knit break, and everyone seemed to like them.

I’m already getting a (well-deserved, no doubt) reputation for my fondness of blues and greens (especially bright ones), which you can see in essentially anything I knit for myself (including Rogue and said mittens), as well as in the layout here.  It’s not that I dislike other colors (I have quite a fondness for rainbows, in fact, as well as for certain purples, and also browns), but as a fair-skinned, blue-green eyed, blond-ish person, I do look best in blues and greens, and I’m just…drawn to them.  What colors are y’all especially fond of, dear readers?

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