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More sleeve action

The last couple days I have made quite a bit of progress on the sleeves. Perhaps it is nervous energy…my new Ph.D program starts tomorrow, and there are all sorts of things I need to do to get everything in order. I’m very excited about it, my colleagues seem to be very nice and I have the most awesome duo of advisors, but it’s still a little stressful. Anyway, here is a picture of the progress I’d made as of last night (you can only barely see the cable because the flash washed out the picture so badly, but I promise, it looks very pretty!):

Rogue sleeve in progress

It doesn’t look like as much progress as it is, since all of the work I’d done in the last post has been folded under and knit in. It takes a little math to knit in the hem facing on this sweater, since the stitch count changes between cast-on and the point where you would knit in, but I just figured out the difference in each section (marked off by stitch markers), and skipped the requisite number of stitches in that section when I was knitting them together with the stitches in the cast-on row, just knitting those “skipped” stitches normally. This is what I did at the bottom of the body, as well. It worked out very nicely, I think:

Rogue sleeve in progress, back side

Again, a little hard to see because of the flash (I hate the lighting in this apartment, and since upstate NY has been getting the remains of Ernesto the last few days, it’s been too dark and wet outside to try to get better light), but I’m happy with it.

Saartje asked what yarn I was using, which is a perfectly reasonable question given that I started this blog sort of mid-project and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it anywhere here. The yarn I’m using is Bartlett Yarns 2-ply, in the lovat color, which I purchased at kpixie, back when it was knitpixie. I love the yarn, it’s nice and heathered and rustic but not really scratchy. The color is very nice for me…a nice greenish blue, which goes very well with my coloring and especially with my eyes. I also jokingly call it the “anti-snack” yarn (I think I’ve seen someone else in the knitblogging world make a similar comment), since the yarn still has a lot of lanolin and smells very wooly…and when it gets on my fingers, it leaves behind a strange (not bad, just strange) taste that makes me not want to snack on fingerfoods. Which is not a bad thing, really.

To everyone who has commented so far: Thanks so much! I really appreciate getting feedback.

1 thought on “More sleeve action”

  1. You actually live someplace that you’ll get to WEAR Rogue, too. I think I am the only person who has not made it and never will. I did make her ‘Eris’ design though and it is really wonderful, interesting to knit.

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