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At the same time…

I’m onto the sleeves for Rogue, and am knitting them both at the same time. As of last night, I’d finished doing the hem facing. I cast on over large needles (size 10), and will be knitting the hem in just as I did for the body:

Beginnings of Rogue sleeves

Sorry about the ugly floor…I didn’t have anywhere to set it when I took the picture. I’ll have to work on finding a more attractive backdrop for photos in this apartment. The old apartment was nice for knitting photos because our bedroom was always very sunny, and I had that white trunk that I could set things on for a nice clean backdrop. But now that trunk is in a dark office room. Ah well.

So yes, I’m knitting both sleeves “at the same time”, so that any changes I make (I’m fairly certain I will need to add some length for my “gorilla arms”) will be made to both sleeves simultaneously. But that’s not what the title of this post is referring to. No, it’s those dreaded words “at the same time”, which of course, I only notice after knitting several rows beyond whatever it was that I was supposed to do “at the same time” as what I was doing. This time, it was sleeve increases. I just dove right into the sleeve chart, not noticing those dreaded words until completing 4 rows beyond where I was supposed to increase. At least it was only 4! So, I will be ripping back a bit today. Serves me right for not reading the pattern more carefully.