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All but the sleeves

Tonight during Project Runway (what a fun episode, btw!) I finished the hood on Rogue. I took a picture before I began grafting:

Rogue hood, pre-graft

I was rather nervous about doing the graft, since I’ve only grafted twice, both times on the toes of socks where there is only plain stockinette stitch to worry about…never anything with a mix of knits and purls. I checked out PumpkinMama’s Hood Graft Cheat Sheet , but after a few stitches, I figured out the system behind it, and felt very smart. Basically, if you see a knit stitch in front of you, pass the yarn through purlwise, and take the stitch off the needle knit-wise, and if you see a purl stitch in front of you, pass the yarn through knitwise, and take the stitch off the needle purlwise (of course, this only makes sense if you already know how to graft). Here I am, modeling the yet-to-be-sleeved Rogue (and simultaneously watching Project Runway):

Me, modeling Rogue-in-progress

And here it is, with the hood up (and me briefly pulling my eyes away from the tv):

Me, modeling Rogue-in-progress

I’m very pleased with it so far. The pictures look a little washed out because of the flash (which we have to use because the lighting in our new apartment is terrible). The sweater’s really a slightly darker blue-green color. And I’m really not quite that pale.


Now, onto the sleeves!

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