Hello world!

Welcome to my brand-new knitting blog! The posts you see below this one are ones that I’ve imported over from livejournal, where I used to occasionally make knitting posts. But I’ve finally decided to indulge my inner knitting-dork and create a dedicated knitting blog.

Right now I’ve got several (way too many, really) projects on the needles. For myself, I’m working on Rogue, and am almost finished with the hood, as well as a pair of mittens inspired by Estonian motifs. I also have a couple of partial sweaters languishing on the needles, neither of which I’m particularly keen on finishing at the moment, but we shall see. I’m quite excited about the new Interweave, and there are several sweaters in it that I’d like to knit for myself, but I’ve got some knitting to do for other people first!

Amongst the projects I am working on, or need to be working on, for other people are a toy giraffe for my husband Andrew’s mom (I’m making it up as I go, and will post a picture of what I’ve got so far one of these days), another Rogue for my mother (she bought me the yarn to make it last year, but I’m waiting to start until I finish my own), a pair of socks for a Daily Kos contest-winner (who has yet to send me her measurements), and a sweater for Andrew (which I have yet to even start designing). I’m hoping to get the giraffe and my mother’s Rogue finished by Christmas, and the cardigan finished, perhaps, by our anniversary (March 20th). We’ll see if this is an overly optimistic schedule!

Just today, I finished weaving in the ends for my One Skein pal’s final gift, a knitted bag from the One Skein book. Here it is, laying on our coffee table:

Bag for my One Skein Pal

I hope she likes it! She’s apparently a fan of Hello Kitty, so it is filled with a variety of Hello Kitty treats, and will be on its way to her tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. I like your header image, especially the colors. I am learning how to knit just so I can make myself some socks, because the colorful ones I really like are ridiculously expensive and almost always made with synthetics, which I don’t care for. Right now I’m working on a hat for future family babies from a book that I don’t really care for. I NEED TIPS.

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