In case you were wondering, I do still knit


I haven’t made a knittish post here in quite awhile, but I have been knitting. A week or two ago, I knit a gauge swatch for the socks I’m planning to knit my mother. I love how tiny the little stitches are:

Gauge swatch for mom's socks

Unfortunately, I had put the swatch, along with the sock yarn it was still attached to, in my duffel bag downstairs in hopes of keeping the cats away from it while I wasn’t using it. However, my cat, the string-chewer, is very smart. He unzipped my duffel bag (yes, he can unzip bags, as I have learned by having my purse-straps chewed after having hidden it inside my backpack, as well as the incident about to be described), pulled out the swatch, the sock yarn, and another ball of sock yarn that had been stuck in the bag as well, and made a huge, chewed-up, tangled mess of it. So, I can’t knit on her sock for awhile, because I can’t afford replacement yarn right now. But eventually, my mommy will be getting some nifty socks.

The other ball of yarn that was destroyed I wasn’t so upset about…it was my Trekking XXL sock yarn. I don’t even know when it wound up in my stash, but I figured I’d try it when I saw about the Trek Along With Me knit/hike-along. But…I hated the yarn. I know, that’s like, blasphemy or something, but I really couldn’t stand it. It hurt my hands. It stuck to itself. The skein kept puking up huge tangled up balls of yarn from the center. It was, in my opinion, pretty ugly. So, I’m not going to miss it too much.

I’ve been knitting smaller projects lately, which means the sweaters are all just sitting, waiting to get attention. It’s just easier, because I can bring small projects into SOC and knit at work. In addition to socks, I’ve been working on a pair of mittens for me! I decided to take some wonderfully soft and luscious bright green and blue merino and make myself a pair like the ones I made for Laurel last year. At first I was going to do the exact same pattern, but then decided instead to design my own using the motifs in the Estonian Folk Knitting book that I have. I did a bunch of math to make sure everything would fit nicely, et voila:

Mitten with Estonian-motifs

Just needs a thumb. And a partner. If you want to see more pictures of it, click the photo, they’re all in a row in my Flickr stream. I had to sort of invent a method for the top of the mitten; I originally knit it to be pointy, like Laurel’s mitten, but it looked really ridiculous on these, so I unraveled that and decided to carry the three-stitch edge portion over the top. I didn’t really know how to do that, but I think my made-up way worked alright. Anyway, I knit this during slow times at work, and it’s so cold in SOC that I kept putting it on, and even sans thumb, these are mighy warm mittens.


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