more pictures!


I finished knitting the stripy sock that I started awhile back today at work. The bulk of the sock was knit during a 3 day span in the midst of the whole hard-drive crash ordeal, when I wasn’t able to work on anything and desperately needed something to do with my hands. I’d knit the toe too short, so I undid it and reknit it longer at work. It’s still not any too big. I’m terrible at estimating how much further I need to knit. But it fits, and I’m quite pleased that after knitting only one pair of socks from a pattern (the Jaywalkers), I’m able to go patternless (as I did for this one). Yay for learning more about sock construction! Anyway, on to the pictures!

The sock, alone on the table:

stripy sock!

The sock, on my foot:

side view

I also started its partner while at work, and knit a couple of rows:

one down, one to go

I’m amazed at how little of this ball of yarn I’ve used! I wonder how much I’ll have left over in the end?


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