i'm a failed knit-alonger


I was feeling very sick to my stomach when I got home, so after, you know, “being sick” for a bit, I took a little nap on the couch. I awoke feeling rather warm, which is unusual given how insanely cold it is in our apartment…turns out both kitties had decided to take a nap with me, so on top of my wool blanket I had a layer of warm cat. It felt so nice. I wish they’d be calm like that more often. I’d hoped to get a little more done tonight than I have, but I needed the nap.

I failed at my first “knitalong”. When I started knitting my Jaywalker socks, I decided to join the knitalong at januaryone, since I’d already been following along for awhile to learn more about the pattern and sock-knitting in general anyway. The finish date was set to be yesterday. Here’s what my socks looked like:


Yeah. Not exactly finished. But that’s fine by me, I know I’ll get them done eventually, and I’m enjoying them…just haven’t had too much time for knitting lately. I’m not much of an “-alonger” anyway. This weekend I started another knit:


Can’t tell what it is? It’s the beginning of a devil-hat for Kieran (Matt and Cori’s son). I’ve seen devil-hat patterns for adults, but I’m just making this one up as I go. I’m actually nearly finished with the main hat now, but didn’t feel like digging it out of the drawer a shoved it in to keep it away from the cats yesterday.

One last picture before I shut up:


I decided to copy my idea from last year and make Valentines cookies for Andrew (from those break-off-and-bake sort of cookies we keep around for when we need an easy sweets-fix). I’m not sure what my concept was for that blob on top…I only had two squares left after the first two hearts, so I tried to go for a sort of “interlocking-circles” thing, I think…but yeah, it’s just sort of blobbish. Oh well. It’ll taste good.


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