easter puke, figure skating, etc


I’ve not been feeling up to knitting very much the past few days because I’ve been so sickly. Kind of hard to want to knit when you’re so drippy that you wind up going through 3/4 of a big box of tissues over the course of a day and half. But, before I started feeling so shitty, I started knitting a fingertipless glove, so that my poor little hands might have a chance of not freezing while I work at the computer anymore. Here’s a picture:


In that picture you can also see the bottom of those christmas-tree fleece pant/leggings I got for $1.99 at Old Navy awhile back. I love them. So comfy. You can also see my horrible horrible messy pile at the end of the couch which has since been cleaned up in my frantic search for my cell phone yesterday (it had been pushed under the couch by the kitties). The yarn I’m using for the gloves is Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock, which I got at a going-out-of-business sale awhile ago and which is so amazingly soft. I love it. The yarn itself, at least. The color is called Happy Valley, or, as I have begun to affectionately call it, “Easter Puke”. The colors are a bit brighter in real life than in the picture. It is definitely on the extreme end of sugary pastels, but it does make me happy for some bizarre reason. I’m not following a pattern, just making it up. Here’s what I’ve done so far (mostly for my own reference, because it’d be nice to wind up with two of these, in the end, plus my hands are on the small end of things so it’s probably not all that useful for anyone else):

Cast on 42 sts on 4 size 3 dpns, join. Work 2×1 rib for 19 rounds (why 19? It just looked right, that’s why). Increase evenly to 46 sts. Work 4 rounds even, then start gusset, increasing one stitch on either side of a central stitch (I chose the beginning of the round, just for simplicity’s sake) every other round until there are 17 gusset stitches. Keep those on a holder, work 12 rounds even, then start the fingers. I’ll fill in exactly what I did for the fingers after I actually, you know, do them.

I’ve also restarted the Teva Durham Ballet Pullover from the Summer 2004 Interweave Knits (which is, I think, my favorite IK of all the ones I’ve seen). Instead of stupidly attempting to knit it in a double strand of heavy bright-purple cotton, as I did last time (which resulted in a sweater that felt more like those lead vests they make you wear when you get X-rays and which was subsequently ripped out to be turned into something else), I’m using a really lightweight cream-colored bulky cotton-blend ribbon yarn, instead. It’ll definitely require a tank underneath it, but I think it’ll be a really nice looking top. It’s a fast knit, too, being on big needles and all. The picture I linked to is rather small, so you can’t really see the neat centered decreases/increases that make up the body shaping, but I like it. It’s odd alternating between the tiny size 1 needles I’m using for the Jaywalker socks (I’ve yet to cast on for the second one, I’ve got total ADD when it comes to knitting I think), the used-to-feel-small-but-now-feel-like-treetrunks size 3’s that I’m using for my gloves, and the just plain gigantic size 11’s I’m using for the ballet pullover.

In non-knitting news, I am feeling all happy because today is Wednesday and that means Project Runway tonight. Yay, something to look forward to! I am extra excited because they are going to be designing figuring skating costumes for Sasha Cohen, who (not that I particularly follow figure skating, except you know, when there’s a big event like the Olympics or National/World Championships, because it’s pretty to watch) is my favoritest figure skater. I’m not really sure why, other than just that she’s so cute and tiny and powerful and just generally adorable. Oh, and she won the National Championships last week! Yay!


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