the sock is still rocking


I’ve made it successfully past the heel (well, mostly successfully…there is one spot next to the inside gusset where I totally farked the pattern and it’s kind of obvious. To me, at least. But that’s ok. Learning Experience!), and am onto the foot. I decided that this would be a good time to try it on. It’s a bit hard to get over my heel, because I have big sticky-outy (that’s a technical term, mind you) heels, but with some tugging, it goes over and…it fits! Like a glove! (or more accurately, like a sock). It is quite awkward to try to remove a sock that is still attached to needles, but the sock came off my foot in one piece in the end. I’ve still got a couple inches until I start the toes, but it’s lookin’ good!

I am so excited about this sock. I was showing it to people at work this morning because I’m just so giddy that something I’m knitting actually looks like a sock. One of my coworkers wanted to see how it was made, so I let him watch as I knit so that he could figure out how the loops went through the loops on the row below. I knit sort of strangely…I hold the yarn in my left hand, but I don’t knit Continental…it’s more like English, but of course not right-handed. But it’s not true lefty knitting, either, because I knit from the left needle onto the right, instead of reversing it. I taught myself how to knit, so it’s not surprising that I invented my own little way, especially given that I am fairly ambidextrous. Also, the way I hold the right needle is very similar to the way I hold my violin bow, and from violin I am also used to the fingers on my left hand doing all the work, so I like to think of my knitting style as “Violinist”. Too bad I don’t get much time on the actual instrument these days. But hopefully if we wind up at Rochester, I will be able to join an orchestra again. ::fingers crossed::


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