Socks Rock


I’ve been working on a sock for the past week or so. It’s my first sock, and I’m using the ever-popular Jaywalker pattern, written by the author of one of my favorite knit-blogs, Grumperina. There’s a knit-along being hosted for it at januaryone, which I’ve not actually joined but have been following along hoping to learn from other people’s experience with the pattern. So far I’m loving it. I’m using the brightest, happiest colored sock-yarn I could find (the yarn is called ‘Socks that Rock’, and the colorway is called ‘Fire on the Mountain’), and am already to the heel-flap. I wish I could take a picture to show y’all how awesome it is. Soon, soon. We’re looking into buying a camera as a belated Solstice present to ourselves. Anyway, socks are addictive. So fun! I’m looking at maybe buying some more sock yarn with some of the money I got at Christmas from relatives. I found some sock yarn in a true Roy G Biv rainbow colorway (y’all know how much I love rainbows, yes?) that I would love to turn into socks. We’ll see. I’ve been really enjoying having a sock to knit on at work while I wait for things to happen (this week I’ve pretty much been helping Kat run Windows Update on all of the computers. All like, 300-something of them. Fun. Or not.), so I think it would be nice to have a sock-project in progress that I can use as my work project. I’m still working on Rogue, but it’s way too big to drag into work with me every day, so it’s more appropriate as an at-home project. Socks (and other small things) at work, sweaters at home…sounds like a good system to me.


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