just a peek [365.144]

As you might’ve noticed, I’m in a bit of a slump these days. I came out of Socktoberfest with not a single new sock to my name (seriously, not even a single one! The sock you see above is from two years ago!). I don’t have anything to show off on the knitting front, really, with almost no progress at all on my poor husband’s sweater, and very little on the small projects I keep at the office, as well. I’m doing a terrible job of keeping up with everyone’s blogs, too. The only new thing I have to show off is a haircut, which I got this morning (taking over half a foot off my hair):

New haircut

(again with an old handknit…even if I can’t get any knitting done right now, I can still enjoy the fruits of my earlier labors). It’s entirely a matter of being too busy, both with research/academic stuff and regular life stuff; October was truly atrocious for me on that front. So many little things added up to a schedule that was entirely unmanageable, and now I’m just plain exhausted. So anyway, I’m not sure when things are going to get more exciting here on this little blog, but I wanted to pop in and say hello.

Beautiful, beautiful Bohus


Beautiful, beautiful Bohus

I finished my sweater last night. And y’all, I’m in love. I stayed up way too late weaving in ends, and maybe also putting it on and dancing around the house while singing a gleeful song about how I made a pretty pretty sweater. Maybe. Here are the stats:

Pattern: My own, inspired by Spun Out #5 (the “Bohus Yoke Pullover”) and the EPS. The yoke pattern was made up as I knit.
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool, in a variety of colors.
Needles: size 5 and 7 Denise interchangeables, with size 5 and 7 Clover bamboo dpns for the sleeves.
Time to knit: Nov. 2nd – Dec. 14th 2007.

And now for more photo goodness! Here’s a closeup of the yoke patterning:

Closeup of yoke

I ripped out and reknit the neckline 4 times before settling on the seed stitch. I absolutely love it. I did the last row of seed stitch in blue, and bound off in blue, so as to mirror the treatment at the bottom hem and sleeve cuffs. I think it ties the whole thing together really nicely; it’s got the texture of the yoke, but the colors of the hems. LOVE.

Just a bit ago I decided to brave the sub-20 temps and had my husband snap a few photos of me wearing it outside. It got dreary almost immediately after I took the first finished shots of it this morning, and while it’s better than trying to take a photo in our CFL-lit house, even the natural light outside really wasn’t enough (plus we were both cold and impatient!), so these aren’t the best pictures ever. C’est la vie. Here I am, looking very pleased with myself:

Me and my Bohus

Here’s me, showing off my crazy long arms which necessitated 19.5″ inches of knitting up to the armpit (but hey, look how perfect those sleeves turned out! So worth it!):

I have very long arms

And, for good measure, here’s a shot of the back, though my hair is in the way of most the yoke, and all you can really tell is that I do not even fill out my “tiny” jeans (still struggling to keep the weight on because of illness, oh well):

Bohus back

So, that’s it. I’m almost a little sad not to be knitting the Bohus anymore. It was such a wonderful project for me. It’s my first time successfully making up a pattern for a garment (with EZ as my guide, of course!) and having it actually fit so perfectly. It was also my first time making up a colorwork pattern as I knit, and I’m still somewhat astounded at the fact that it didn’t turn out a completely disorganized mess. I learned so much in the process of making this sweater, and got to put newfound skills (like directional M1s I learned on the sampler gansey, for the side shaping) to use, too. And I have loved being able to get feedback from everyone who has commented along the way. Thanks for all of the encouraging words! And cheers to all of you knitting your own Yoked Sweaters!

Bohus Status Report


Bohus Yoke, oh-so-close!

The Bohus Yoke is inching ever closer to completion. I have to admit, since I’m making it up as I go, I have had several moments where I get this sinking feeling, like “oh my goodness, it’s going to look like a mess in the end!”. Somehow I don’t quite trust that my freewheeling style on this one is going to work out. But then other times, I look at it and think, “wow, this looks fantastic!” What say y’all? Fantastic, or a mess? Or somewhere in between?

Bohus Yoke, close-up

Shortly after I took these pictures, I decided to do a little sanity-check, just to make sure that this thing I’ve spent all my knitting time on for the past month and half was actually going to, you know, fit. Here’s the moment of truth:

Moment of truth...

(why yes, I am in fact using my head as a much less effective tripod. And am rockin’ the pajama pants in the middle of the afternoon.) It fit, which was a huge relief. But then I had to go and, in a moment of inattention, decrease far too heavily in my final decrease round, and then keep blithely knitting onwards until I was ready to purl the baby blue turning row, at which point I realized that there was no way on earth that the sweater would go over my head(*). So now I’m going to have to rip right back to where I was when I took that picture. Oh well.

(*) Is my head somehow gargantuan? Because even if I hadn’t screwed up, and had followed EZ’s instructions to leave about 40% of my “key number” (based on my desired 35-inch body circumference), I would’ve wound up with a a neckline that is 14 inches around, which would actually be sort of uncomfortably difficult to pull over my head unless it were exceedingly stretchy. But I don’t feel like I look like a bobblehead or anything. Hmmm.

More yoke action!


Just popping onto the blog really quickly before I head into the office to workworkwork, because I wanted to show off my progress on the Bohus Yoke:

Bohus Yoke progress

I’ve now incorporated all of the colors into the yoke. I especially love that little burst of berry red! I had been pretty much following the sample chart from Spun Out #5, but since my row gauge is quite different from the sample sweater, and I am not the same size as Meg Swanson, I quickly abandoned it and am now officially in “making it up as I go” territory. And I’ve got to say, I sort of love it. It’s freeing. I probably should have sat down, and charted something out, but no…I’m just looking at what’s on my needles, and deciding what the next row should be. One row at a time. It is exhilarating.

For good measure, how about a couple more pictures? Here is a closeup of the yoke patterning so far:

Closeup of Bohus Yoke patterning

And here is a closeup that gives an even better sense of the texture of this thing. I absolutely love the use of purl stitches in Bohus colorwork:


I’m starting to contemplate how I want to handle the neckline. I’m thinking I’d like to basically mirror the hems at the wrists and bottom of the sweater, but I’m not sure the best way to transition from the yoke patterning to that. I’m definitely open to suggestions and recommendations!

We have achieved yokeage.


But first, two things:

  • As a knitting cognitive scientist, I feel obligated to link y’all to this. Is that not one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen?
  • Jean has finished the second Tabi sock, and they look fantastic! Hooray!

And now on to the fabulousness that is the yoke of my sweater. Here is my progress so far, in all its shining glory, sitting in the one place in the house where I could actually get a little bit of natural light this morning:


I stopped knitting last night because I ran into a slight problem. This, y’all, is what happens when you try to knit while overly sleepy:

This is what happens when you knit while you are sleepy

See how the stitch I just purled is cream? And now the next stitch is also cream? Yeah, not supposed to be like that. I jacked it up. I know it won’t be hard to fix (I can drop the stitches and reknit them with the right colored float as I go), but still…annoying!

For good measure, here is a closeup of a section on non-jacked-up yoke:

Closeup of non jacked-up yoke pattern

I love it!

(just a note, to anyone who may have emailed me and not gotten a response recently: I am in the midst of finals and am also pretty sick, so I’ve not done the best job of staying in touch. My apologies! I promise to be better once the semester is over, really!)

taking it easy


my usual view

That’s my usual view these days, right there. Ren loves to lay in the groove between my legs while I’m working on stuff in bed, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, because I’ve been feeling pretty awful. As soon as I started feeling a bit better this semester, I went crazy trying to catch up on everything, and quickly enough I got myself back to feeling as rotten as I had been before. Yep, that awful “push-crash” cycle that I’m sure those of you reading this who suffer from any sort of chronic health issue are familiar with. One of these days, I’ll learn.

Today I’ve decided to work from home on the couch, instead of on the bed, mostly because I wanted to watch the movie Frida in the background while I work, because I love the music and all of the colors in that movie. Of course, not having his usual resting spot has made Ren very mischievous today, and I’ve worn myself out trying to keep him from getting into things that he shouldn’t. Thank goodness for canned air (it’s the only thing that works!). I swear, sometimes he just gets in these spiteful moods, where he does naughty things just to taunt me, and make me get up and chase him. Alas, he often does this on days when I just don’t have the energy to keep up. Bad kitty!

As you might imagine, I’ve not made tons of progress on my Bohus Yoke since the last time I posted. Here’s where I stand on the sleeves:

Progress on Bohus Yoke sleeves

(sorry about the crap lighting, it’s the best I could do!) I’m about four inches away from finishing sleeve #2. So, obviously, I will not be finishing this sweater before the end of November, seeing as there are a whopping 2 days left in the month, and I am a busy bee as far as schoolwork is concerned. But that’s ok. I’ll finish soon enough, and NaKniSweMo has still been a good thing for me, as it’s helped me focus on a particular project. If you’ve been following this blog for any reasonable amount of time, you might’ve noticed that my ability to focus on finishing a project is a bit lacking! So I’m glad I tried to do it, and not at all unhappy that I didn’t manage it.

I do curse having such long arms, though! I mean, here I am, a petite 5’3, and yet I need to knit 19.5 inches just to reach my armpits? Craziness, I tell you. But my arms really are that long. Four more inches, though, and then I get to the yokey goodness! I’m really excited about that, even if it does take me until sometime in December to finish up.

white thanksgiving


Venturing out of the house

We got our first real snow yesterday, perfectly timed for Thanksgiving dinner (which was wonderful; it was very nice to spend it with my friends from the department). It has stayed cold, so I woke up this morning to a beautiful layer of snow, and just had to throw on some boots to capture it in pictures. It’s really gorgeous outside right now, actually; the air is nice and crisp, and it’s very sunny. It’s too bad I don’t feel up to doing more outdoorsy things (I woke up feeling exceptionally cruddy, alas)…for now I will just have to enjoy the sights around our house.

I decided to take advantage of the now-rare sunlight, and capture some pictures of my progress on the Bohus Yoke. With only seven days left in November, the odds of me actually completing this sweater for NaKniSweMo are looking pretty slim, but I will have a wonderful sweater in the not-too-distant future nonetheless. Here’s my current pile of Bohus Yoke parts:

Pile of Bohus Yoke

As you can see, I’ve started the second sleeve now, and am actually even further along than this picture shows, since I took this a couple of hours ago:

Sleeve number two

I am still madly in love with the contrasting hem. And am very excited to be less than one sleeve away from starting the yoke! We’ll see how far I can get this weekend; I’ve got a lot of academic work to be accomplishing in addition to my crafty exploits. Some of it is stuff I’m really excited about, and some of it…meh. C’est la vie.

first snow


Another peach-pink rose

We got our first snow last night. Just a light dusting, and it’s all melted now and I didn’t get a picture, but I’m afraid all our late-blooming roses are looking much worse for the wear. At least I took plenty of pictures of them to use as blog-fodder before the weather decided to take them out.

The first Bohus Yoke sleeve is coming along nicely, and I’m up past elbow height already (and given my long “monkey arms”, that’s pretty far!). Alas, I didn’t get around to taking a picture while we had decent daylight, and it’s already starting to get dark here (yes, at 4pm). So y’all will just have to believe me. It’s not like a sleeve is that exciting to look at, anyway.

I haven’t got anything else, really. The research and schoolwork keeps piling on, and it’s all wonderful, interesting stuff, but I just don’t have the energy for it all and it’s starting to get really overwhelming. So, to distract myself from it all for just a little while longer, how about a meme? I’ve seen this pop up a few places, most recently over at Stacey’s:

1. What’s your favorite sock yarn? (please note that the word ‘yarn’ is singular. Just pick one. I know it’s hard.) Though I really like the 100% wool sock yarns quite a bit, I’d have to say my favorite is sKnitches Kettle Drum, which I used to knit my Giotto-With-The-Flow socks. The merino-bamboo-nylon blend is so silky-soft while remaining sturdy, with the bamboo giving the yarn a lovely sheen.

2. What’s your favorite type and brand of sock needle? I’m pretty sure the only sock needles I have in my possession are Clover bamboo dpns of various sizes. I like them quite a bit. I definitely prefer dpns to circulars for socks…I tried Magic Loop once and did not enjoy it, and not just because of my allergy to the nickel-plating of the Addis I was using!

3. Do you knit your socks toe up, cuff down, or sideways? I’ve only ever knit cuff-down socks, but I definitely want to give toe-up a try. Soon, soon. We’ll see if I ever feel the urge to knit them sideways!

4. Do you knit both socks at once or just one at a time? I knit them one at a time. I know there are clever ways to knit two socks at once on dpns, but I really don’t mind doing them one at a time.

5. What’s your favorite toe and why? Wow, I’m boring, because I’ve only done the sort of “standard” toe (I don’t know what it’s called…it’s the one where you do a k2tog, k2, ssk on either side of the toe). Well, that, and the Tabi toe, which was similar but split. It fits my toes pretty well, but I’d be interested in trying others. Maybe I will one of these days, when I get around to knitting all those Nancy Bush socks I’m sort of obsessed with.

6. Favorite heel? I like the slipped-stitch heel flap a lot. I’m hoping to try an eye-of-partridge heel on a pair of socks soon, and maybe a few other flap-style heels like in some of those Nancy Bush patterns. I do not really like the short-row heel; it doesn’t fit my instep very well, doesn’t feel as sturdy, and quite frankly, doesn’t look as nice to me as a flap heel does.

7. Do you prefer plain or patterned socks? Oh, that totally depends on my mood and what else I’ve got going on in my life. Generally I knit fairly simple socks, because I tend to use socks as my all-purpose, carry-in-my-purse-in-case-of-boredom knitting, and don’t like to have to carry a pattern with me. But I am not opposed to complicated socks and socks-as-art…I think they’re gorgeous, if I can find time to knit them!

8. Who do you knit the most socks for? Me! I have also knit a pair for my husband, and the single Tabi sock for Jean, but that’s it. I had plans to knit my mother a pair of Tabi socks, long ago, but my cat Stimpy ate (a large portion of) the yarn I wanted to use (no, I am not even joking about that!), and I never got around to replacing it or finding a new yarn.

9. Do you darn your socks? If not, what do you do with them? I have only been knitting socks for a little under two years, so I’ve not needed to darn them yet. But I probably will, when the time comes.

10. Do you only wear handknit socks? I don’t yet have enough of them to wear nothing but handknit socks! But the last couple of winters I have definitely worn handknit socks as often as possible, and I intend to continue doing so.

Bonus question: What pattern, if any, is your basic “I-just-need-a-pair-of-socks” sock pattern based on? Do you keep it written down or memorized? My basic sock pattern is based on the basic sock recipe in the Yarn Harlot’s “Knitting Rules” book, sometimes with a picot-cuff thrown in instead of ribbing. It’s memorized…yep, even the heel turn!

oh well


Well, pooey. Got an email from Webs yesterday saying that they were actually out of stock on the super-cheap Montera. I guess lots of other people found it before I managed to! Oh well. I’ll still get my Lopi, and it’s not like I don’t already have plenty of stuff to knit up…for now I will just be content with petting the Montera when I’m in the yarn shop. Mmm, llama. So soft.

I finally got a start on the first sleeve of my bohus-yoke sweater today:

Bohus-Yoke, sleeve number 1

Not as much progress as I’d hoped for, but life has been running me ragged recently. It’s been really frustrating, this year, because in my mind’s eye, I am still that high-energy, up-for-anything marathoner that I used to be…but at this point, I’ve been so weakened from chronic illness that I can barely jog a mile without fainting. And keeping up with a busy workload at school isn’t working out so well, either. I keep thinking “oh, of course I’ll be able to do X, Y, and Z”, only to realize that while that may have been true a few years ago, it certainly isn’t anymore. My full week at the office last week only resulted in my being too hurty and exhausted to manage full days at the office this week. I stayed home today in hopes of recovering a bit, but have so many things I need to be working on that I can’t really rest. I am just so TIRED. And we’re entering the final month of the semester, which means on top of the constant string of readings, programming assignments, and written homeworks (and of course my research projects which aren’t tied to classes), I’ve got final projects/papers/exams to be contending with. So we’ll just have to see whether or not I can finish the sleeves and the yoke during the last half of this month…it seemed like it should be totally doable, but as I mentioned, I’ve become a terrible judge of that.

I’m feeling guilty, because the bohus yoke sweater has taken over every minute of knitting time that I have (not that I have very many of those to begin with, lately). Apparently, when you take away most of my knitting time, I become a very selfish knitter. I guess there’s nothing inherently wrong with that…knitting is my hobby, after all. But I do feel bad that the projects I’m working on for other people have taken a bit of a backseat lately. It’s nothing personal, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty about it anyway. It doesn’t help things that two of the projects I’m working on for others (the Escher mittens and the lace shawl) require an awful lot of thought and attention, especially when compared to just knitting mindlessly around in circles.

Not that I even have time to do that, right now. I’d best stop blathering about knitting, and get on to: putting together a short presentation for tomorrow, rethinking a project proposal, working on two different programming assignments, and reading a new batch of 8 (or more, I haven’t actually counted) papers. And dealing with a bunch of non-academic life stuff (like, you know, doctor’s appointments, medical bills, car issues, etc), too. Fun, fun.

there goes daylight…


NaKniSweMo progress

I have a feeling I’m going to be primarily posting on weekends for awhile, both because I’m ridiculously busy being a graduate student, and also because (partly due to said busy-ness as a graduate student) there is never any light during the times when I am at home, and since I like to post pictures, and pictures require light (at least, they do if I don’t want them to look like crap), I don’t have much to post except on the weekends.

This whole lack of sunlight thing has been hitting me quite hard since the time change. I think partly it’s because having the time change pushed back so far meant that at the point where we all had to adapt to the earlier evening, it was already a lot darker than it would have been had the time change happened a month earlier. In any case, I’ve always struggled with keeping my spirits up during the darker months. My husband likes to tease that I am “solar-powered”, because he swears he can literally tell whether or not it is rainy and dreary outside when I wake him up in the morning, just by my mood. It doesn’t help things that I spend the bulk of my time in my office at school, where there are no windows. Actually, I realized yesterday that last week was the first week of this entire semester where I have managed to be at the office, all day, for each of the 5 weekdays. This is both very good, because it means I am doing somewhat better, health-wise (and also sort of sad, that it’s 2/3 of the way through the semester and I’ve only just now managed to not miss a class or two in a week), and also very bad, because it meant I didn’t get very much in the way of sunlight last week.

What I did get a reasonable amount of was knitting time. Since my Bohus Yoke Pullover is knit in the round, I can knit it while I read papers, so I was able to knit a bit at the office. In fact, I’m now completely past the waist-shaping, and just need to knit the next couple of inches straight before it’s time to switch over to knitting the sleeves (which I got the needles for this afternoon, so I’m all set!). Here’s a better picture of my sweater so far, resting on the fallen leaves outside our house (despite the low light, fall has always been my favorite season, and I love the look of a nice pile of fallen leaves):

Better shot of Bohus Yoke progress

I’m really happy with how the waist shaping looks…I did directional decreases and increases on the outside of a 14-stitch region running up each side of the sweater…basically what it would have been like had I done my decreasing and increasing outside the garter gully on my Cobblestone, instead of increasing and decreasing the width of the garter gully. I think it’s fantastic. But really, I just can’t wait until I get to that yoke! I think fabulous yoked sweaters are what will get me through the dark months this time around.

Tabi Sock is done!


Tabi Sock is done!

Pattern: Tabi Sock (left foot), from Véronik Avery’s new book, “Knitting Classic Style”
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential, in Pumpkin
Needles: size 2 Clover bamboo dpns

On Monday night, I finished the Tabi Sock for my pal. I waited until yesterday morning to take pictures, hoping to get a bit of sunlight, but my plans were ruined when yesterday turned out to be the dreariest day imaginable (it was simultaneously cold enough so as to require mittens, wet enough so as to require an umbrella, and windy enough so as to cause said umbrella to get turned inside out as soon as you stepped outside). Oh well. Our entire house is lit with compact fluorescents, which, while much better for the environment, make everything look really awful in pictures when they’re the only source of light. One of these days, I’ll build a lightbox a la Lolly, because (like her) I am starting to care a lot more about the quality of my photos, the more I post them on this blog. But I haven’t done it yet (obviously).

It fits my foot perfectly...

Anyway, the sock fits! Well, it fits me, at least. But since my left (smaller) foot is the same shoe size as my friend’s feet, I figure it should be fine. The pattern gave the directions for making the toes for the right foot, and then told how to reverse them, and since I wanted to be able to try the sock on my left foot anyway, I did the reverse directions, figuring that would give my friend less work to do when she knits its partner.

Tabi sock sole

Such a strange looking sock! And yet, surprisingly comfortable, and they’ll certainly be able to be worn with flip-flops, as per my friend’s request. Speaking of flip-flops, check out the package I’m sending (today, since I couldn’t get to the post-office yesterday):

All packed up and ready to go...

Get it? Little Japanese sandals to go with the Tabi sock! When I saw this printed boxy bag at zigzagstitches, I knew it had to be the thing I sent my pal’s sock in. Inside are the leftover yarn from the ball I used, the extra ball, the sock (of course!), and a little thing of SOAK wash (which totally didn’t show up in the picture, but I promise, it’s there). And of course, I’ll be sticking a copy of the pattern and my notes in the box as well (dear self: DO NOT FORGET THIS).

Progress continues on the Bohus Yoke, and I’m up to the narrowest point of the waist now. I’m thinking of bringing it in to work with me, since I can knit around and around while reading papers just fine. We’ll see if I feel like making my knitting obsession that obvious around the office. Oh, speaking of which, I wore Demi to the office yesterday, and got several compliments (and was also very warm, and felt very pretty, so I think it was just a win all around!). I’m wearing my Modified Cobblestone today, we’ll see what people think (I think Cobblestone looks a bit more “homemade”, to put it kindly, but I still love it). Oh, but I just realized that I do not possess size 7 dpns…and if I finish the body, I will need them to start the sleeve. I should work on acquiring those ASAP, eh?

One thing leads to another…


All set for some EZ swatching

(Beaverslide for a Tomten Jacket, Cascade 220 for a Seamless Hybrid)

So, on Friday morning, before my friend Kris came over to help me make curtains, I got out some yarn and started swatching for a few of the EZ sweaters I have planned. I had originally thought of knitting the Tomten Jacket for NaKniSweMo, but realized while swatching that I don’t particularly like the way the Beaverslide behaves with my plastic Denise needles, so I’d want to wait until I order some more Harmony tips from Knitpicks (since I currently only have size 5 tips, which in addition to being way too small to use with the Beaverslide, are already in use on my future sister-in-law’s shawl).

Then I considered just not attempting to knit a sweater this month (which was probably my most reasonable moment, to be honest!), but convinced myself that I really do need more sweaters (this is true…as a knitter who is frequently cold, I am ashamed at my lack of practical woolen goodness), and decided that surely I could do a plain-old Seamless Hybrid.

But then inspiration struck, and I realized I had the yarn ready to create one of my beloved Yoke sweaters, right there in my under-the-bed-tubs. A whole bag of Patons Classic Merino in “Natural”, and a skein each of some brown, cream, and blues, purchased some 3+ years ago when it was on sale at Joann:

yay, yarn.

I went through the various EZ yoke sweater patterns I knew of. I could’ve done an Icelandic-Yoke, or a Fair-Isle Yoke, or something along those lines, but then I thought of it…the Bohus Yoke Would you believe I’m the first person ever in all of Ravelry to knit this pattern? I searched high and low for it, and didn’t find it in the database, so I added it myself. I know I’ve seen another one on the Zimmermania blog before, but that’s it. I wonder why it is so unpopular, relative to the other yoke-style EZ sweaters? And, speaking of yoke-style sweaters, would there be any interest in an informal sort of yoke-along? I know a bunch of us have much fondness for that style of sweater, and I wouldn’t want to hog the fun all to myself!

Anyhow, by the time I’d figured all this out, it was time for curtain-making. With much help from Kris (I am pretty clueless about sewing, really), and after 3.5 hours of cutting, pinning, ironing, and sewing, the bedroom now has curtains!

Look what just appeared on that door...

The lighting is funny because I took this late at night and had to use flash, alas (and Kris, look! I made a matching one for the door yesterday, all by myself!). I didn’t get the best picture of it, but here you can see the buttonhole detail at the back of the bottom hems. This will allow us (once I, you know, get buttons) to button the curtains up halfway when we want to let light in, and also (this is something my husband and I just thought of yesterday) to button in an extra lining of some kind (we’re thinking maybe fleece?) for added warmth and/or light blockage. But anyhow, the big news is that the curtains have been made, and that I managed to sew without anyone getting hurt! (Well, that’s actually a lie. Let’s just say that it’s a bad idea to try to cross ones’ legs when one has a piece of fabric that is full of pins in ones’ lap. Ow!).

I was having such a good time while we were sewing that I didn’t really notice how tired and sore it was making me, but after we were done…wow. Totally, completely wiped out. So exhausted that I couldn’t do anything besides just sitting, glued to the couch. I tried to knit some more on the Tabi sock, but managed only to totally jack up the lace pattern (it’s been fixed, I think. But oy, stressful! They’re already late in getting to my pal, and I almost caused a total, complete disaster!).

So, wanting something that I could just knit around and around and hopefully not mess up, my decision was made for good…the Bohus Yoke will be mine. I sat down with my swatch, did some (very easy, since I have a nice even 5 sts/inch with this yarn on size 7 needles) math, and got my Key Number of 176 for a 35-inch sweater (well, it should be 175, but I wanted an even number for the purpose of having the same number of stitches on the front and the back). I cast on with my body color, and then knit the hem facing in light blue. After the turning row, I switched back to the body color, and knit the hem in as I went. I am in love with how this looks:

I love this detail

I just adore that little tip of blue! Anyway, the process of just knitting round and round was so enchanting that, well, look what happened:

It just...happened.

I’m already almost to the point where I need to start the waist-shaping! I swear, it just…happened. Looks like I’m already on my way to a sweater this November. (No worries, I am still working on my pal’s sock, and my husband’s sweater, but when I want something simple to just sit and knit round and round on, I will turn to this sweater). We’ll see how the rest of it goes…