more plotting…

future sweater for M

My “things to make” list is getting out ahead of me, I’m afraid, because I’m also plotting some sweaters in my beloved Beaverslide yarn. The first is an Elle Melle for M in the two colors of the 2-ply Sport/Sock weight yarn above. I was cleaning out my Ravelry queue awhile back (on one of the days this year when I’ve been too sick to do anything useful), and this pattern caught my eye. I can’t remember when I added it to my queue, but there it was, and I thought it’d be so cute on M, and perfect for the Beaverslide yarn I already had in my stash. So that’s definitely going to happen!

I also plan to reknit my somewhat-too-beloved Vahtralehed. I wore the poor cardigan literally to pieces, patched it, wore through it again, and again…

so, this happened.

…until finally no amount of patching would hold the poor sleeve together. I had originally planned to reknit it in a silvery grey Beaverslide Worsted yarn that I had in my stash, but realized that while a grey Vahtralehed would be lovely (and worth knitting someday), I really missed that deep teal color in my wardrobe this winter. Of course, the colorway I originally knit the sweater in was a special edition one called “Clearwater”, but the “Lake Josephine” color that I knit M’s mini-Vahtralehed in was pretty close, so I ordered some more of that:

early birthday present

I still have more of the Sport/Sock weight yarn that I used for M’s mini-Vahtralehed, and I’d love to knit her a toddler-sized version. I still have this half-baked plan of releasing a little e-book of matched patterns for mama+baby/kid, and Vahtralehed is one I’d obviously include in that, if it ever happens! There’s also the mini Garter Rib cardigan, and of course babyStripes! (I still intend to knit myself a grown-up sized cardigan version), and the garter yoked pullover I just knit for M, and a toddler tunic inspired by my Sullivan pattern for Brooklyn Tweed…gosh, if I could just be two people instead of just one little me, I could totally write a pattern book AND finish a dissertation this summer, eh?



…a quilt for M’s big girl bed?

We set up a “big girl bed” for M about a month ago, after she kept asking about it. She was sleeping on a Montessori-style floor bed (just a crib mattress on the floor), so we just took her unused crib and set it up with one side removed so that it’s now a toddler bed:

big girl bed.

I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for M since before she was born, and once I saw this one over on Pintrest, I decided that just HAD to be the quilt I made for M. My girl loves stars and all of the colors of the rainbow, after all.

I already had a couple of packs of Kona Brights charm squares, as well as a decent amount of Essex linen blend (in the natural color). I picked up some bright green flannel and crib-sized batting with a coupon at Joann awhile back, so I actually have everything I need to make this thing!


Of course, I am a serious newbie when it comes to quilting, and I may very well be biting off more than I can really chew, but I’ve always been the sort of person who will learn whatever skills I need to in order to create the things that I’m dead-set on creating…that’s how I learned to knit, after all. But if anyone wants to (virtually) hold my hand while I figure out how to get started on this thing, I’d be ever so appreciative!

charm squares

I love these bright rainbow colors against the natural linen!

square number two

Knitting in the hallway while we wait for Spring Celebration to start.

I can’t stop knitting on my Mitered Crosses Blanket! I’ve been bringing it with me everywhere, and got some good knitting time on Friday morning while we waited for the Spring Celebration at M’s school to get started. As of this morning, I’ve got another square to add to the pile:

square number two

Square number two is a little less riotous in its colors than square number one, but still so lovely. I just can’t get enough of this pattern. It’s so fun to knit (garter stitch, miters, and log-cabins, whee!), and the end result is gorgeous.

still in love with this project.

Two down, ten more to go. I’ve already cast on for square number three…

square number three begins

There’s that hot pink again!

square number one.

square number 1

I finished knitting the first square of my Mitered Crosses Blanket this week. I’m just so in love with this project already. I’d forgotten how much I adore knitting with Noro – it’s not JUST the amazing color shifts, but the delightful rustic, wooly, almost-felted feeling it has, running through my fingers. I need to find more excuses to knit with it!

square number 1

For this blanket, I’m combining Noro Kureyon and Cascade Eco Wool (which I also did to great effect in Stripes!), and knitting the squares on size 8 needles. They’re coming out pretty big, and I think a 3×4 square blanket will be a delightful size, so that’s what I’m currently aiming for – I suppose that means I’ve got eleven more to go!

I got started on square number two yesterday…

Knitting the second square of the Mitered Square Blanket.

I love the modular nature of the pattern, and garter stitch and I are such good friends lately. This is a good project for me right now.

catching up: maddy’s sweater


I finished M’s sweater not terribly long after my last post – but these last few weeks ended up being pretty terrible, and included not one, but two separate trips to the hospital for me after succumbing to one of M’s stomach bugs, and then another a little over a week later. That, and then a crazy blizzard, has meant that I’ve been playing catch up with work so much that I’ve not had time to play catch-up on the blog. But I’m taking a little break to share some pictures of the finished sweater:


I’m still a tiny bit sad that I didn’t have enough yarn to knit a long sleeved pullover for her, but it looks so great as a cap-sleeved pullover that I’m ok with it – and it was great to test out that version of the pattern (yes, I’m going to write up a pattern for this, with both a cap-sleeve and a long-sleeve option!).

The cap-sleeves were created using an i-cord bindoff on the held stitches from the yoke:

cap sleeves with i-cord finish

I’m madly in love with the kangaroo-pocket, which I edged in i-cord:

kangaroo pocket

The pullover has garter-stitch side panels, just like the Cobblestone sweater that inspired it:

garter side panels

And I can’t help but share some cute pics I snapped when M crept up behind me (having stolen my robot USB hub off my desk) while I was taking pictures of the sweater:

somebody's coming...

My beautiful brown-eyed girl!

those brown eyes!

Here she is, modeling the sweater while eating fruitsnacks. Well, it’s as close to “modeling” as one can get from a 2 year old!

Eating fruit snacks in her new sweater

And of course I had to take pictures of us wearing our almost-matching sweaters:


We make a cute pair, no?

Me and my girl and our matchy sweaters.

One of these days, I’d love to get modeled shots using my REAL camera, and not just my phone, but when it comes to getting pictures of M, I take what I can get!

maddy’s sweater, humming along.


Take 3 of the current Maddy-sweater is working out nicely, though I think I actually OVER-estimated on the size this time around. Still, oversized is better than under-sized, so I’ll take it!

maddy-sweater in progress

I described my plans for knitting this in my last post, but now you can hopefully see what I was talking about! I knit this top-down, flat, with a split at the front neck. Once I got to the end of the yoke, I held the stitches for each shoulder on waste yarn to add sleeves (or an i-cord edging) later. I cast on 8 stitches for each underarm, and then joined the whole thing and knit around, maintaining 8 garter stitches on either side. Once I got to a good length, I split the sweater again for a vented hem, and knit the back hem in garter stitch. For the front, I continued in stockinette for awhile, and then switched to garter and began creating a kangaroo pocket shape using decreases on either side – once this was done, I simply folded it up against the body and I had a pocket!

pocket, joined.

I joined the pocket to the body by starting a 2-stitch i-cord bind-off on the top of the pocket, picking up the bar running behind each stitch from the central body stitches and knitting it together with the first i-cord stitch and then ssking the second i-cord stitch with the next stitch of the pocket. (Um, I promise I’ll make that make more sense when I actually write this as a pattern!) It made for a very lovely finish!

Then I continued the i-cord down along the edge of the pocket (where I’d left a sl1, k1 selvedge), and joined the side of the pocket to the edge of the front hem vent using the i-cord. So now the pocket is “sealed” on the sides, and there’s a continuous kangaroo pocket along the entire base of the pullover, just like I wanted!

i-cord edging

I’m now continuing the i-cord along the base of the pocket, picking up one stitch from the purl bumps on the backside of the last row of stockinette on the body with one i-cord stitch, and one stitch from the first “ridge” of garter stitch from the front of the pocket with the second i-cord stitch. What this is doing is creating a nice firm “base” for the pocket…and it’s also letting me carry the i-cord across to “seal up” the other side of the pocket.

i-cord edging

It’s slow-going, but it’s going to be a beautiful sweater once it’s all finished! After I finish the i-cord on the front pocket, I’ll need to finish off the back hem vent with i-cord, too. And then I have to make a decision: I really wanted this to be a long-sleeved pullover for M, but I did intend for a “cap-sleeve” option when I wrote up the pattern. The thing is – I’m going to run out of yarn. I just won’t have enough to make sleeves. So I could go ahead and make this a cap-sleeved pullover, and just edge the arm openings in i-cord (I’ll have enough for that!). But…I wanted it to be a long-sleeved pullover! I’d have to buy another skein (the two skeins I had were a gift!), and I just don’t know if I can justify spending the $$ right now when a cap-sleeve option is totally doable. I’m not even sure if I ever wrote down the colorway for these skeins, so I’m not sure whether I could match it (I know it’s Fleece Artist BFL Aran, but I don’t know which of their colors it is…maybe Topaz? Or Polar Sea?) Decisions, decisions.


But I’ve got plenty more i-cord to make before I have to decide, I suppose!